Kesha watched the grass sway gently in the cool summer breeze and let her body relax for the first time in ages, loving the feeling of bliss this place always brought her. The weather was fairly warm that day, well warm for Britain, and the breeze made it just right.

Kesha sweeped her eyes across huge field at the back of her house, spotting what she had been waiting for. Her horse.

"Misty," she called out to her dappled grey horse. "Hey you, come over here!" He trotted obediently over to her and stood beside her, waiting for her to mount him. "I've been waiting for ages! You certainly took your time coming over!," she laughed. Mist wickered and Kesha grinned happily at him. Then she easily pulled herself onto the horse and kicked him into action.

Soon they were galloping around the big open field and Kesha was laughing freely. If only moments like this could last forever. But, of course they couldn't...

That was the moment Kesha's phone rang, making her curse under her breath and tugged Mist's mane to get him to stop so she could answer the call.

She was riding him without any tack, so she could only use his mane and her body weight to control him. She adored riding him, especially bear-back.

However there wasn't much time left for her to just hang out with her horse that day, which was evident by the screams of her mother down the phone.

"KESANDRA LEONNA HART-COPPER, WHERE ARE YOU?" The voice screamed furiously. Kesha winced at the sound of her mother yelling at her, although by then she was pretty much used to it.

"I-I'm with Mystic Sunrise," she stuttered nervously. Misty grunted indignantly at the sound of his proper name, spookily like Kesha often did when her proper name was used. "I thought you were at work still," she quickly defended herself.

"WELL I'M OBVIOUSLY NOT! GET YOUR BUTT HOME RIGHT NOW. WE NEED TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT SOMETHING. ITS IMPORTANT." Mrs Hart-Cooper yelled before hanging up. Kesha sighed and shoved her phone away. Mist nudged her gently, like he was trying to comfort her.

"I'm fine, boy," she soothed. "You know what Mum's like, she's just in a bad mood because I wasn't home when she expected me to be..." Kesha said, hopping off her horse. After leading him back to the fence, she picked up a cloth to rub him down with.

Once Mist was settled, Kesha got home as quickly as possible, letting herself in. Her parents were already in the living room waiting for her.

"Where were you?" Her farther growled at her the second he spotted her coming in. "School finished at least half an hour ago."

"I was with Mystic Sunrise," Kesha mumbled and stared at the floor intently.

"I don't see why you bother," her mother sighed loftily. "We do have people for that dear! It's what Ryan's paid for!" Ryan was a young sixteen year old boy who helped his older brother look after the huge garden and fields that the Hart-Cooper Family owned. His brother, Richard, was eighteen, but both of the boys were great fun - although, they could often be a little scruffy and carefree. Kesha envied that about them, she wasn't allowed to be scruffy and carefree!

"Just because we have money it doesn't mean we can't look after our own things like everyone else," Kesha pointed out rudely. "Ryan's job is to help Richard with the garden and the fields, when he's not doing school work. Misty is just extra!"

Immediately Meg's blood began to boil. She was horrified that Kesha had dared to speak back to her!

"Don't you dare take that tone with me, young lady! He'll do whatever I ask him to do!" She snapped furiously. "Now sit down!" Kesha reluctantly did as Meg asked and sat down. "We need to talk to you about something. Your father and I have been asked to go on a business trip for two weeks, maybe longer, they haven't specified exactly how long just yet. Now our boss, Mr Roberts, did say that we could bring you along, but you are fifteen now Kesandra so we think you can stay here. You need you're schooling," Meg explained. Sam nodded sternly in agreement.

"The trip's in America, New Jersey to be exact." He added briefly. "We have arranged for somebody to come and look after you while we are away. We're hoping Samantha Green will be able to come," Sam said before going back to his newspaper.

This was clearly supposed to be the end of the conversation, and Kesha was glad of that. She grinned widely at the thought of their neighbor, Samantha, looking after her.

Samantha was twenty-one, but really good fun. She had only recently got back from a long holiday with her friends, so Kesha hadn't seen her in ages. She also had a younger sister, Jackie, who was eight, and a baby brother, Dylan, who wasn't even a year old yet! Jackie was really fun and a massive tomboy, her and Kesha always got on really well together together. Samantha always came over to watch Kesha while her parents were away, so long as Samantha's mum was around to look after Jackie and Dylan.

"How long will you be away for?" Kesha asked, forcing the hope out of her voice.

"We don't know," Meg answered impatiently. "I did say that already! Oh, by the way, we leave in five days in the early morning. Hopefully this project won't take too long."

"It's something for Google," Sam explained vaguely. "We're expanding the company again, I think..."

"Yeah because your company's so small," Kesha muttered sarcastically under her breath as she left the room.

Days passed and soon it was Friday evening, the day before the business trip. Her parents hadn't mentioned what time Samantha would arrive the next day, but Kesha wasn't worried. They never really told her anything anyway. Just as long as Samantha turned up, that was all that mattered.

Kesha quickly hugged her parents goodbye before going to bed, happy that she would be free of them for at least a little while.

If only she knew how wrong she was...

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