Demi sat curled up in a ball in the corner of a hotel room. She rocked herself backwards and forwards, tears falling down her face in a silent, steady stream. Her fists was clutching her phone tightly, she had just got off the phone with her mum. Her family wanted her home. They didn't like what Kesha's disappearance was doing to Demi. The girl hasn't been gone long, yet already Demi was a wreck. She didn't sleep, she didn't eat, she rarely drank anything apart from the odd energy drink. She hadn't FaceTimed anyone but one quick call to Maddie, who had screenshot Demi's appearance she looked so bad. They were all worried. This wasn't healthy. Demi wasn't herself anymore.

Her phone began ringing again. Demi's wrist snapped up and her eyes tore the screen apart, looking for Kesha's name. they went dead again when the name registered as her best friend Marissa's. She didn't bother answering it, waiting until it went dead. Her head pounded with every ring and she found herself praying for peace. It did stop, of course, only to start again. Then her room phone went off too, Demi screamed, clutching her head.

"YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!"She shrieked, yanking at her hair and banging her head against the floor and wall like she was psychotic. "I have to get out," she whispered. Her eyes were almost rolling, she looked insane. "I have to get out, I have to get out, I have to get out."

In a drunken manner, she used the wall to stand and stumbled towards the door. She grabbed the door handle, putting all her wait on it as she yanked the door open. This made the action more difficult and she found it kept banging shut. She cursed herself and spun around, flinging her phone across the room before finally spinning out of her room. Adrenaline had clearly taken over.

Demi walked out of her hotel room looking like a wreck. Her hair hadn't been washed since Kesha disappeared. She had a hoody and joggers on, her hood pulled up covering her face and her joggers so long she trod on them when she walked. She felt and looked disgusting. She knew that everyone who saw her would be disgusted too, but that beat that ungodly ringing!

She sauntered across the hallway towards the lift at the end, her red eyes fixed on the ground. She didn'twant to leave her room. She didn't want to see anybody. She only wanted Kesha. Her stupid friends and family were trying to drive her insane, she didn't have the energy to deal with them and they knew it. Demi growled aloud in frustration.

"God, you look like hell. Having a rough day there?" A voice mockingly drawled from beside the lift. Demi's eyes dragged slowly upwards, taking in the person in front of her. She was too exhausted to really care who it was or what they were saying to her, but it looked like they would be joining each other in the lift so she may as well know who it was that was insulting her.

It was a girl, about Demi's age, with completely black hair. She was wearing a classy black dress with matching heels and belt, coupled with a black leather jacket. She had an eyebrow raised and a smirk on her pale face. Piercings glimmered on her face too. Everything about her screamed vampire. She was interesting and mysterious to Demi, who felt confused by her sudden interest in anything.

Demi's eyes were fixated on the woman for a moment. She was the definition of perfect, which wasn't even something Demi believed in. She felt her stomach start to twist in painful knots, while fireworks exploded under her skin. It was a confusing sensation. Her hand crept to her stomach in confusion as a frown imbedded on her face. Her skin prickled sensitively at even her own touch.

Demi tried to focus her mind on something saner. This goby girl couldn't just appear out of nowhere and start being rude like that! But at the same time, Demi couldn't help but feel like this girl could do whatever she wanted. She raised a hand to her head in defeat, rubbing her temple, before clearing her voice.

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