Chapter Twenty-Four

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During the film, Kesha and Demi both fell asleep.

Samantha and Monica came up to check on them after the film, astonished to find them subconsciously cuddled up together.

"Cute!" Samantha exclaimed softly, grinning at the scene.

"Yeah, until Kesha wakes up! Then all hell will break loose," Monica pointed out. "The girl hates Demi, and I for one can't blame her!"

"What's that supposed to mean," Samantha asked and rolled her eyes at her friend.

"Haven't you heard, darling? The woman practically abandoned the poor girl! I mean, who would leave her with those people?" Monica cried, reluctantly letting Samantha drag her out of the room.

'Those people' obviously referred to Kesha's parents. Both Monica and Samantha detested them deeply.

Samantha and Monica left, however their voices had woken up Kesha.

She sad, consumed by her thoughts. They were silently tearing her apart from the inside out.

Kesha prayed for her inner demons to stop, but they were relentless.

Suddenly, against her own will, a soft scream escaped her lips. It was just loud enough to wake up Demi.

"What's up, baby girl? Is everything okay?" She asked worriedly.

"Yeah Demi, I'm crying because I'm on top of the freaking world!" Kesha snapped back, roughly wiping her eyes.

"Stop it Kesha, okay? Just give me a break! I'm trying really hard to help you, but you're being so difficult!" Demi cried, clearly exasperated.

"Well if I'm so difficult, why do you even bother with me?" Kesha snapped back furiously.

"Because I love you! Why do you think? You're my baby cousin, of course I'm going to bother!" Demi practically shouted back.

Kesha was finally then lost for words. She just looked up at Demi the way a young child would, lost, confused and venerable.

"Didn't you realize that was why?" Demi asked softly.

Kesha merely shook her head. Demi felt her heart go out to the young girl infront of her.

"Kesh, when was the last time someone told you they loved you?" She asked, scared of the answer.

Kesha opened her mouth, and for a second it looked like she would answer. But she swiftly slammed it shut again.

A memory flashed through her mind. It hurt her, like she had been burnt by it.

Five year old Kesha ran into the living room, where she knew her Mother would be.

There was excitement all over her face as she ran up to Meg.

"Mummy, Mummy look!" She squealed, holding out a small colourful piece of paper.

"And that is?" Meg signed, not even bothering to look at Kesha.

"An invitation," Kesha said. She struggled to pronounce the word 'invitation', but just about managed it.

"An invitation to what?" Meg snapped, becoming more and more impatient.

"Isabel's birthday party!" Kesha cried, jumping up and down. "I actually got an invitation! My first ever party!"

"You can't go," Meg said sharply.

Tears filled Kesha's eyes and she swiftly stopped bouncing. Her bottom lip quieted violently too.

"Mummy, please..." She whispered quietly.

"You're not even friends with Isabel!" Meg snapped.

"I was before," Kesha whispered. "We had to stop being friends after I said that she wasn't allowed to come over, because that's what you told me to say..."

"Oh," Meg said distractedly. She wasn't listening anymore.

"Mummy, I HAVE to go!" Kesha said.

"Kesha, nobody there will play with you. Nobody there will even be able to LOOK at you! You might as well not go!" Meg said harshly, desperate for Kesha to go away.

"But why, Mummy?" Kesha sobbed, shaking like a leaf.

Meg thought about her answer for a moment, before glancing down at her child.

"Because nobody loves you," she said simply.

That day had haunted Kesha for as long as she could remember.

She suddenly couldn't take it anymore, she had to stop there thoughts!

She quickly got out of bed and ran to the ensuite bathroom, locking herself in.

Once she was safely inside, Kesha locked the door and curled up on the floor.

She pulled her knees up to her chin and hugged them tightly, letting herself cry.

Fear washed over Demi and she sprinted after Kesha, knocking on the bathroom door desperately.

"Kesha, what are you doing in there?" She demanded.

"Elephant hunting! What do you think I'm doing, Demi? This is a bathroom after all!" Kesha replied.

Demi almost believed her. She would have just left it at that.

If it wasn't for what happened next...

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