Chapter Twenty-Three

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Demi, Samantha, Monica, Kesha and Jackie all sat on the floor infront of Samantha and Jackie's huge flat screen TV.

They had decided to watch Disney Channel until Jackie went to bed.

Demi didn't have a problem with this. Well, that was until Sonny With A Chance came on!

"Oh, no! Please turn it over," she begged desperately.

"Come on, darling!" Monica said, flicking her hair lazily over her shoulder. "It's just a show!"

"Yeah, but it's a show that I'm in!" Demi complained, scowling like a two year old.

"Aww, it ickle Demi having an ickle tantrum!" Kesha cackled, mocking Demi.

This causes her to turn bright red and look away.

"Hey, Kesh! Pack it in," Samantha said quickly and shot her a look.

Kesha immediately shut up and went back to watching the film.

She was sitting in between Monica's long, slim legs and was leaning against her.

Jealousy was washing over Demi in waves, but she was doing her best to hold it in.

It didn't help that Kesha would obey everyone else except her.

"Ignore her, Demi." Samantha said with a grin. "The kids got a real mean streak!"

"Yeah, I noticed..." Demi mumbled, turning back to the TV.

Several cringes on Demi's part later, and Sonny With A Chance was finished.

Meaning that it was time for Jackie to go to bed.

"Good night," she mumbled sleepily as she went to hug everyone in turn.

"Sweet dreams, honey." Kesha said and hugged the young child.

"Good night, darling." Monica said and ruffled the little girls hair.

Then Jackie stood infront of Demi. She gave her a cute wave and a dazzling smile.

"Good night, Demi." She said, then a sly twinkle appeared in her eye. "Or Sonny!"

"Hey, you!" Samantha said, scooping Jackie up upside down. "Don't be cheeky."

Jackie spluttered out a sorry as Samantha carried her upstairs.

"Time for horror movies!" Monica cheered, earning a cry in protest from Kesha.

"No way! If your watching horror movies, I'm leaving!" She snapped, glaring.

"Come on, darling! Lighten up a little, would you?" Monica teases, barely taking any notice of Kesha.

"Hey, she doesn't have to watch it!" Demi snapped, secretly thrilled at the chance to be better than Monica.

"Lay off Demi, I can handle this myself." Kesha grumbled.

Then she got up and walked toward the door, a sulky look on her face.

"I'm going upstairs," she stated. "Call me when its over."

"Will do, darling." Monica said after her.

So soon began looking through Samantha's extensive collection on DVDs, seeming to ignore Demi's existence completely.

Finally she spoke, still not looking up.

"She's not a baby, you know. She's more than capable of looking after herself," Monica said harshly.

"What do you mean?" Demi growled defensively.

"You were babying her back there," Monica shot back. "She's fifteen now, not three!"

"Hey! You have no right to-" Demi began, but was cut of by Samantha.

"Stop it! Both of you," she snapped. "Mon, it's not Demi's fault. She doesn't know Kesha as well as we do."

Demi deeply resented this. Anger flowed through her, making her want to scream at both girls.

"What the hell do you mean?" She cried, a little loudly. "I'm her cousin for God's sake! I know her best!"

"Well you haven't exactly been around, have you? We're practically her sisters!" Monica spat, finally looking up as she had chosen a DVD.

"I'm not having either of you in here if you're going to fight," Samantha declared. "You'll wake up Jackie!"

"We're having a debate, darling. Anyway, it's over now." Monica replied, rather hotly. "Right, Demi?"

"Right," Demi replied through gritted teeth. "I'm going to check on Kesha..."

Then she stormed furiously out of the room.

She soon spotted Kesha, who was laying on Samantha's bed while playing on her phone.

"Hey there baby girl," Demi said as she entered the room.

Kesha didn't even glance at her and carried on playing on her phone.

"Are you alright?" Demi asked, now sitting beside her.

"Sure," Kesha answered. "You didn't want to watch the film either?"

"It's not that," Demi sighed. "I just thought that I'd keep you company..."

For a moment Kesha was silent, then she finally looked up at Demi.

"You want to watch a film? There's a TV up here," she suggested.

Demi grinned, thrilled at the thought of spending some time with Kesha.

"You bet," she said.

Kesha grabbed Kung Fu Panda and put it into the DVD player.

"It's a funny film," she explained.

Demi nodded, but she didn't really care. Kesha finally seemed okay with her being around.

That was all that mattered.

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