Chapter Thirty-Three

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Kesha sat in Monica's spare room watching movies for the rest of the evening.

She could hear Demi and her aunt catching up through the shut door.

She could handle that though, what she really couldn't handle was the smell of Monica's cooking.

It was chicken and rice, but Kesha knew for a fact that it was delicious!

"Where's you're willpower gone?" Kesha thought furiously to herself. "You've gone longer than this before, don't ruin it now! Get a grip! It's just food! Horrible, disgusting food that will make you even more imperfect than you already are!"

Eventually the smell began to fade a little, although it did still linger, and Kesha felt herself relax. Finally some peace!

Annoyingly, the peace didn't last very long at all.

"Hey, Kesha. I brought you some chicken," Demi said as she entered the room.

"No thanks," Kesha replied quickly. "I'm good." She held her breath, like the very smell could add on calories and poison her.

"Kesha, you have to eat! I've been here for a while now and I haven't seen you eat once," Demi protested.

"Demi, please, not today. I'm too tired," Kesha complained. "Emotionally and physically!"

"Kesha-" Demi began again.

"NO!" Kesha yelled angrily, standing up on the bed and towered over Demi. "I WILL NOT EAT? YOU CANNOT MAKE ME CHANGE! YOU CAN'T!"

Demi winced at Kesha's sudden angry outburst.

Kesha felt her breathing beginning to increase as she stared at the plate of food, a haunted look dancing menacingly across her face.

"Breathe, honey, okay?" Demi said worriedly.

"N-no, not okay. Get that out of here," Kesha replied shakily.

"Sweetie, it's just food! It can't hurt you," Demi argued.

Kesha shook her head, refusing to look away from the food. She felt her throat drying up, banishing the possibility of speaking.

"Kesha, this really isn't healthy! I think you need some serious help," Demi said as she placed the food down. "You're hurting yourself!"

Then Kesha began screaming. A long, incessant, fear-filled scream. Not a single word left her mouth, but her screaming was defending.

Demi covered her ears, shocked. Diana and Monica rushed into the room, panicky and horrified.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?" Monica yelled over the screaming, running to Kesha's side to try and calm her down.

"I JUST TRIED TO GET HER TO EAT!" Demi protested, having to raise her voice too. "SHE NEEDS TO EAT!"


"HOW DO WE GET HER CALM?" Diana demanded, putting her arms around Demi comfortingly.

She could sense Demi's anger at Monica beginning to increase, as well as her clear anxiety over Kesha.

"JUST TAKE OUT THE FOOD, DEMI!" Monica cried out in exasperation.

"NO, I CAN'T! SHE HAS TO EAT!" Demi yelled furiously. "

"JUST DO IT, LOVATO!" Monica snapped.

"BUT-" Demi protested.

"JUST. DO. IT!" Monica cut her off, pointing towards the door.

Demi reluctantly took the food out, returning seconds later.

Already Kesha's incessant screaming has reduced to a soft whimper.

Monica was cradling the young girl, holding Kesha's head to her chest as she rocked her.

"Shhh, there, there baby... You're alright," she soothed.

Demi felt a sharp pang in her chest as jealous began rising within her.

"That should be me," she thought miserably.

"Demi, why don't we give Kesha some space?" Diana suggested quickly.

"No," Demi muttered. "No, I want Kesha to eat. You don't understand! None of you understand!"

Monica's head snapped up and she glared at Demi.

"Then why don't you enlighten us, Demetria? Since you're clearly an expert on Kesha and have been there for her," she snarled.

You couldn't almost see the sarcasm dripping from Monica's lips.

Demi looked at Kesha, she saw the dangerous look in the girls eyes. But also something else, something that sent shivers down Demi's spine.


Kesha was petrified that Demi would tell them about her problems.

"If I tell," Demi thought. "She'll never trust me... But if I don't, she could get worse..."

Finally, Demi spoke. Her eyes never left Kesha's face.

"I can't," she whispered. "I made a mistake, I'm sorry..."

Diana looked suspiciously at her daughter, but didn't get a chance to speak.

"It's fine," Monica sighed. "Not everyone goes through the stuff you did, Demi. Some people just don't want to eat when they're having an off day. Nothing more, nothing less. Maybe it's time you learnt that... Pressuring people doesn't help either."

Demi looked down, not knowing what to say.

What could she have said?

After all, it wasn't her secret to tell...

*** *** *** ***

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