Chapter Twenty-Six

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It was hours later when Kesha decided to venture out of the bathroom.

As she pulled the door open, Demi fell backwards with a bump. She had been sleeping against the door, waiting for Kesha.

As she hit the floor, she let out a help. Demi reached out and rubbed the back of her head, groaning in pain.

Kesha smirked and let out a cruel laugh as she gingerly stepped over Demi.

"That will teach you," she said with a glare.

Demi was too stunned at first to reach, and had to get up and chase after Kesha.

"Wait," she said and spun the girl around. "What got you out?"

"Dem, it's a school day." She said in a 'duh' tone, like Demi was an idiot. "I've got to go home and get ready."

Demi accepted this answer and let her go. She was too tired for a fight today. Anyway, thanks to Kesha, she had a splitting headache.

Kesha walked to her house and climbed easily up the drain pipe - she had done this before.

Once she was inside her room she pulled on her school clothes, redid her make-up, fixed her colourful hair and slung her bag over her shoulder.

It was a white shoulder bag with black straps and different cartoon bunnies on it.

Once Kesha was finished double checking that she had everything, she made her way downstairs.

Her parents were, as usual, sitting in the kitchen. The didn't look up at her.

"You didn't come in last night," her dad observed as he made some tea.

"No," Kesha confirmed on her way out the door.

"Don't bunk," her mother said. She didn't really care, Kesha didn't know why she said it.

"Right..." Kesha said suspiciously. Then she shook it off and left.

She didn't want to stay in school all day, but school meant no Demi.

"Well I guess school it is," Kesha said to herself. "Wonderful."

Kesha sat through three lessons of school and break that day, before something interesting actually happen.

It was maths, sadly with Mr Wilson, and Kesha was bored still.

The exchange in insulting notes with Keslie had long ago become boring. It was usual old by third period, this period.

Suddenly there was a voice from the door.

"Excuse me, Sir." A timid little year eight boy said, knocking on the door of Kesha's classroom. "I've got a note here for someone."

Everyone looked up lazily at him, vaguely interested in who the note was for. It was obviously more interesting than maths.

Mr Wilson took the note, dismissing the boy.

He walked down the isle of desks, his eyes focusing on Kesha. So were everyone else's now.

He placed the more down and returned to the desk. Maths carried on. For most people that is.

Kesha read the note and began packing her things. No maths for her it seemed.

Kesandra Hart-Cooper of 10A is to go to the headmistresses office immediately.

"Oooh, Kesha. What have you done down?" Cackled Keslie, grinning at her.

"I have no idea," Kesha said. "This time," she added with a cocky wink.

Mr Wilson rolled his eyes at her, hurrying her out of the classroom.

Kesha wandered over to the head's office, not finding the need to hurry.

"Ah, Miss Hart-Cooper." The head said after she had entered the room - knocking first, of course.

Kesha stood stock still, getting the shock of her life when she saw who else was in the room.

Her parents.

"Take a seat," the head instructed. Kesha obliged, too shocked to do anything else.

"Kesandra, we were just explaining to Mrs Johnson here about you being sent all your lessons from now on." Meg said, sounding bright for a change.

"Why?" Kesha asked in astonishment, finally finding her voice.

"For when we move to Ireland, of course!" Sam cried, shooting Kesha a subtle glare.

"FOR WHAT?" Kesha practically screamed. "WHY THE HELL DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS?"

"We did, dear. Don't be impertinent!" Snapped Meg, gripping Kesha's leg hard in warning.

"Right," Kesha growled through gritted teeth. "I suppose I just wasn't paying attention."

Meg immediately released her grip. Kesha was sure that there would by small nails marks all over her leg though.

"Why are we moving again?" She asked, looking at the ground.

"We'll be going to lost of different countries from now on, too often for you to go to a proper school. You're wonderful head, Mrs Johnson, has so kindly said that you can do all your work remotely. Isn't that nice, Kesandra?" Meg insisted, watching her daughter closely.

"Indeed," Kesha mumbled. "Was that what you wanted to tell me?" She addressed Mrs Johnson now.

"Yes, thank you for coming down. I just wanted to confirm with you that remote working would be okay. We'll email you all of the teachers email addresses to that you can contact them for help," Mrs Johnson said.

"Thank you. Goodbye Miss," Kesha said softly.

"Goodbye, Kesandra. I'm sure I'll see you before you leave," Mrs Johnson said.

"And when would that be?" Kesha asked.

She was now standing by the door, her eyes fixed on her parents.

"A few days," Sam answered brightly.

Kesha gave a curt nod and left, shutting the door firmly behind her.

Anger overpowered her now. It was so intense, she could barely stand.

How could this happen? She couldn't just pack up and leave! She had friends here! A life here!

Kesha cursed and began punching the wall. It was the wall just outside Mr Wilson's classroom.

Keslie was standing by the door, sharpening her pensil.

"'Sup, Kesh?" She asked lazily, not really caring.

"Oh nothing, it just found out that I'm leaving in a few days. You know, nothing big!" Kesha spat furiously.

Keslie looked up at that, frowning.

"You're leaving?" She asked.

"Apparently," Kesha growled. "Not that anyone bothered to actually tell me!"

"Shame," Keslie mused. "I'll miss insulting you."

Kesha smirked then and shot her a wink.

"Right back at you," she chuckled.

Kesha was surprised to realize that she really would kind of miss Keslie.

Their usual banter and harsh insults had been routine since the two were for years old!

"Here Kes, my number." She said and scribbled it down on a piece of paper, handing it over. "Insult me some time."

"Will do, Kesh!" Keslie laughed and walked back towards your desk. "I take it you're not coming in?"

Kesha simply winked and began jogging towards the exit.

She doubted Keslie would tell. It wasn't her style.

She would no doubt use it as blackmail at a later date. That was far more Keslie!

As Kesha walked, she felt uneasy about the looming move.

Could this really be happening?

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