Kesha sobbed into her pillow, choking as she cried. Her sobs didn't subside until she heard a soft knock at her bedroom door.

"Demi, go away." She yelled, desperate for Demi to leave her alone.

Demi stubbornly kept knocking at the door, undeterred by Kesha's yells.

Eventually Kesha pulled herself up and flung the door open. But Demi wasn't there anymore.

She was about to kick up a fuss about Demi doing a knock-and-run, when she spotted a small plate full of microwaveable pasta with spaghetti source and a small note.

It simply read:

You missed dinner

A normal person would have been touched by the gesture, but not Kesha...

How could Demi give her food? She had been thrilled when she had realized that she had skipped dinner, and now Demi had taken that away from her!

Tears pricked her eyes as she stared at the food. Soon she was gagging from the smell.

A horrible, sick feeling appeared deep inside her stomach.

"I'm going to be sick," she choked out and sprinted towards the bathroom.

She wrenched into the toilet bowl, although nothing came up. Her stomach was completely empty!

"I have to be sick, I have to be sick, I have to be sick!" She repeated over and over.

The next thing she knew, she was shoving two fingers down her throat and forcing something to come up. Forcing anything to come up!

At first just stomach acid came up, but soon blood was to. It hurt, but she wouldn't stop.

"You can stop now," a voice screamed deep down inside of her. "You saw the blood, now you can stop! Just STOP!"

That was when she realized that the voice wasn't coming from inside her head. It was coming from the doorway.

"Oh no," Kesha whispered. "Demi."

Demi stood in the doorway with a look of fear and absolute horror on her face.

"Oh baby girl," Demi breathed. "No, not you. Please, not you..." She was whispering now, speaking more to herself then to Kesha.

"Demi, I-I thought the door was locked! I-" Kesha couldn't finish her sentence and just stood shakily up, trying to get to the door and force it shut.

"No," Demi snapped and jammed her foot in the way. "No Kesha, please! Don't shut me out..."

"Why not? You-you will just leave anyway, I know you want to. I'm not stupid..." Kesha choked out, trying desperately to stop crying.

"No baby girl," Demi said in a hushed voice. "I was wrong, I can't leave. You need me."

"NO," Kesha screeched. "I D-D-DON'T N-N-NEED A-ANYBODY!" She was sobbing so much now that her legs gave out from under her. Luckily Demi caught her before she hit the ground.

Then Demi carried her easily back to her bedroom and lay her down on her bed.

By now Kesha's eyes were beginning to droop shut, mainly from exhaustion.

As Demi set her down, Kesha squealed and clutched onto Demi's top.

"A sign of abandonment and separation anxiety," Demi thought worriedly.

In the end, Demi had to climb into the bed with Kesha and cuddle her tightly.

"Go to sleep now baby girl," she whispered. "I've got you..." Kesha nodded and kept her face hidden in Demi's warm body. "Good night, sleep well."

Demi felt a tear trickle down her cheek as she thought about what she had just witnessed. Her poor baby girl! She knew now that Kesha really needed her.

She couldn't go anywhere, not now...

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