Kesha sat watching The Devil Wears Prada on TV, not really paying any attention to her surroundings. Vicki was cleaning away bits of paper from her desk a little way away. The woman cringed every time she saw any unfinished work - which was, unfortunately, quite often. That was the problem with running more than one job, so much work! She had to pay her bills somehow though. Especially now that she had an extra mouth to feed.

Kesha was a dilemma for Vicki. Vicki had fallen in love with the sweet, if not a little messed up, young girl. Every time she saw her she felt a surge of protection for her, a new feeling for the usually harsh woman. However, Vicki knew that Kesha must belong to somebody. Surely someone was out there looking for the girl? But Vicky so far hadn't gotten much out of the girl. It had been a three days now and Kesha had kept her mouth tightly shut about her mysterious past. The only name Vicky has gotten out of her was 'Demi'. Vicki took the girl everywhere, even work, but still got nothing. Not even an improvement on her eating issues. It was safe to say that Vicki was feeling pretty defeated, and she wasn't enjoying it.

"Hey, girly. You enjoying the movie?" She called over to Kesha, looking up at her with a smile.

"Yeah!" Kesha said excitedly back, spinning around briefly to show Vicki her thrilled face. "I love it! Meryl Streep is awesome, her characters my favourite!"

"Really? The devil herself?" Vicki asked, laughing and sitting beside Kesha. "Not Anne Hathaway like most people? Not that you're most people..." She chuckled the last part quietly, more to herself.

"No, I like Anne Hathaway, but Meryl's character is just better. Wouldn't you want to be Miranda?" Kesha said, raising her eyebrows.

"No! She's so mean!" Vicki protested, not understanding why Kesha wanted to be like such an awful person.

"Yeah, but it's necessary. Nobody walks over her. Don't you want that?" Kesha asked in shock. "Doesn't everybody?"

Vicki was speechless for a moment, shocked by the clear longing lacing Kesha's voice.

"You've been pushed around quite a lot, huh?" She said gently. "Hasn't been a lot of fun for you..." Kesha shrugged.

"That's life," she mumbled uncomfortably.

"You can change it. You can be whoever you want. Nobody's stopping you," Vicki practically whispered. It was like she was telling a secret. "Except maybe you."

Kesha didn't answer, simply turning back to the film. Her lips pursed and a slight frown etched onto her face. Vicki watched her for a moment, getting ready to push for answers.

"Who made you like this, Kesha? Who broke you?" She asked, facing her dead on. Kesha didn't look round.

"I thought you'd given up with the questions, Vic. I preferred it," she shot Vicki down.

"Answer the question, Kesha. Who broke you? I want to know. Let me help you?" Vicki begged almost.

There was silence for a moment, with the exception of Meryl Streep's voice coming out of the TV. It stretched out a while before Kesha's cold, hard voice broke it.

"Everyone."  She replied, her face emotionless. "Everyone broke me. Everyone, everyone, everyone. Happy now? There's you'd precious answer. The whole world is against me. Every. Single. Person."

Vicki was taken aback. She sat there, mouth hanging open in shock. Kesha rolled her eyes.

"You'll catch flies." She stated bluntly. Vicki promptly closed her mouth.

"Even me?" She whispered softly. "I'm not against you. You can't think that I am?"

"Not yet," Kesha sighed. "But you will be. Just like everyone else. Just like Demi."

With that, Kesha got up and left the room. Vicki watched her go, feeling slightly sick. She needed to find this Demi person, the person with the answers.

Meanwhile, unaware of Kesha's whereabouts or wellbeing,
Demi was sitting, heavily made up, in a café. Her eyes watched the expectantly and her fingers tapped impatiently on the table in front of her. Five minutes late. Maybe she wouldn't show. Demi had never been a patient person, and today was no exception.

"Am I being stood up?" She fretted, her eyes fliting to the clock. "Really? No way..."

Suddenly she felt a hand clasp her shoulder from behind, manicured fingers digging roughly into her skin. Demi spun around to see who it was, her eyes clasping on exactly who she'd been waiting for. The breath she didn't know she was holding escaped out into the air. Maria grinned flirtatiously at Demi, smirking at her shocked face.

"What? Surprised see me?" She asked teasingly. "And here I thought we were on a date!"

"We- we are!" Demi spluttered back. "You just surprised me, that's all..." Her cheeks flushed red from embarrassment.

Maria winked and sat down opposite Demi, flagging the waiter down. All the while she kept their eyes locked together. Demi shifted uncomfortably in her seat, her own eyes flicking backwards and forwards from anything else in the room and Maria.

"Ready to order?" Maria asked, flashing her a wink. "Or do you need a moment?"

"No, I'm...good," Demi mumbled embarrassedly. Maria grinned, quickly ordering her and Demi drinks.

The evening went on uneventfully, with Maria constantly teasing, Demi who had no idea how to respond. Demi's strong demeanor has been ripped down by both her anxiety towards Kesha's disappearance and Maria's charming personality. In short, she was putting in the woman's hands.

"Hey," Maria said, leaning forwards towards Demi from across the table. "What do you say we skip desert and head back to my room? I've got cookies I've been dying to try."

Demi blushed and nodded, letting a grin slip onto her face. Maria grinned, grabbing Demi's hand and dragging her towards the exit. Demi's mouth dropped open in shock and she pulled Maria's hand in a feeble attempt to get her to stop.

"Wait, we haven't paid the bill!" She cried, looking horrified. Maria stopped, laughing at Demi's expression.

"Lovato, I opened up a tab and got it all put on my card. It's all paid for!" She chuckled, slipping her arm casually around Demi's waist and walking her out the restaurant. "You worry too much, you know that?"

"Well," Demi sighed defeatedly. "I've got a lot to worry about..."

"I see," Maria said softly. "I'll have to see if I can change that..."

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