Chapter Fifty-Three

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The following Monday, Demi found herself walking up the steps of a courthouse in London. Behind her walked her loving family, bodyguard, best friend, and new friends. Despite all the support, Demi still found it hard to remain strong.

She found herself trembling as her booted toes stepped onto the cool floor of the courtroom with a noticeable clack. Demi winced, ducking her head in an attempt to remain inconspicuous - which was also the reason for her dark glasses on such a rainy English morning.

Demi felt her mum squeeze one of her hands tightly, while Dallas took the other. At first Demi assumed it was because their incessant trembling was so obvious. She soon realised that it was not the reason. Sat on the right hand side of the courtroom were her aunt and uncle. Behind them sat people in suits Demi didn't know. But it didn't matter. These were clearly all very rich, successful people.

"So are you," Demi tried desperately hard to remind herself. But it didn't do much good. Even with the successful lawyer her bodyguard, Max, had found for her she didn't feel confident. Kesha's parents certainly looked confident. Demi had the sick feeling that they had done this before. She had one.

Jutting her chin up high, she proceeded to her seat after greeting said lawyer. She sat stiffly down next to him, her party in the row behind her. Immediately Demi missed her mother's hand in her own. It had been comforting.

A few minutes later, a man stood up. Demi had seen enough court shows to know that was happening. The trail was about to start. Her trail.

"All rise," the bailiff said loudly, waiting for everyone except the judge to stand up. "Department One of the Superior Court is now in session.
Judge Karen presiding. Please be seated."

Demi looked at the judge the whole time. Her stomach turned in flips inside her. She was worried she would throw up at any moment. But she balled her hands into fists and insisted to herself that she could do it.

"Come on, Lovato. If you can survive rehab then you can survive this," she thought determinedly.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen," Judge Karen said, cutting into Demis thoughts. "Calling the case of the disappearance of Miss Kesandra Leonna Hart-Cooper. Mr and Mrs Hart-Cooper versus Demetria Lovato. Are both sides ready?"

Demi felt so nauseous then that her ears went fuzzy. She barely heard the clerk swear the jury. It was all feeling so real. But also like it much be all a dream. She just couldn't think straight all of a sudden. It was all too awful.

However Demi soon found herself paying attention as her aunt and uncle's District Attorney stood up to speak. Her eyes slid over to glance at them. She was greeted by their own calculated stares. They remained in control as ever.

"Your Honor and ladies
and gentlemen of the jury," the District Attorney began. "The defendant has been charged with the crime of corrupting the victim by encouraging suicidal and self harming actions while she was taking care of the child when my clients were away on business. Days after their return, the victim attempted suicide and then disappeared days after being discharged from hospital. The evidence I present will prove to you that the defendant is guilty as charged."

Demi winced, holding back tears. One rebelliously slid down her cheek. She didn't brush it away. Silently her lawyer stood up and faced the jury himself.

"Your Honor and ladies and gentlemen of the jury: under the law my client is presumed innocent until proven guilty," John declared confidently. "During this trial, you will hear no real evidence against my client. You will come to know the truth: that Demetria was just trying to care for her cousin in a way she saw fit. After finding out that Miss Hart-Cooper was struggling with mental health issues, Demetria was just trying to do the right thing by encouraging her to seek help. Therefore my client is not guilty."

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