Chapter Four

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Once Richard and Ryan were gone. Kesha pulled herself back onto the fence and went on her phone, still valiantly ignoring Demi's existence.

"So," Demi began hesitantly. "Who were they?" She was getting desperate to break the ice between her and Kesha, but Kesha was having none of it!

"They work for us," she mumbled distractedly without looking up from her phone. "Their job is to look after the garden, and the horses."

Demi nodded, mainly to show that she was listening, however Kesha still didn't seem to be interested in her at all...

After a few minutes Demi got bored of waiting for Kesha to talk and began to go on her own phone. It was very awkward for both of them really, but neither of them decided to do anything about it.

"Well, I guess it's time for lunch." Demi pointed out after awhile. "What would you like?"

Kesha rudely laughed at that and rolled her eyes, still refusing to look up at Demi.

"You can't cook," she scoffed. "You have never been able to!"

Hurt filled Demi's face and she began to walk away. Everyone knew that she couldn't cook, but Kesha didn't have to be so mean about it! Didn't she realize how hurtful she was being?

Little did Demi know, Kesha did realize. As she watched Demi walk back towards the house guilt began to creep up inside her. She hated to be so mean to Demi. But she could be nice. It wouldn't help anything!

In the end she sighed and started to jog after Demi, getting into the house just as Demi entered the kitchen.

Demi only glanced up when she walked in, trying to hide the hurt that still lingered in her chocolate brown eyes.

She began chopping up sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce. Then she put it all in a bowl with a spoon and fork.

Kesha just watched Demi making the salad, wanting to help but at the same time still not wanting to be in any way nice.

Demi interrupted her thoughts suddenly by speaking, not looking up properly at Kesha.

"What would you like in your sandwich?" She asked softly.

Fear sped through Kesha as she stared in horror at the bread and different fillings that Demi was now holding.

"Nothing," she said harshly. "You'll make it all wrong and mess it up anyway!"

Then she stormed out of the kitchen to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

For a second Demi felt hurt at Kesha's reaction, but then she thought about Kesha's face at the mention of food on both occasions.

She had looked scared, terrified even! Demi knew that look, more than a lot of people would have.

Worry began to pump through Demi's veins as she rushed towards Kesha's bedroom. She just had to get her to eat!

"Kessie," she called as she knocked on the door. "Kessie, open up! Please?"

The door was flung open revealing a furious Kesha standing on the other side. Her blood was boiling as she glared at Demi.

"Don't you ever call me by that name again! Ever," she roared. Demi flinched and backed up a little bit. "I stopped being that girl a long time ago."

"Why Kess- I mean Kesha?" Demi asked tearfully. "What changed? I barley even recognize you anymore..."

Kesha shook her head defiantly and wouldn't answer her. She couldn't tell Demi the truth. Not even she deserved that.

"Maybe you would if you had actually been around," she whispered under her breath.

"What was that?" Demi asked softly, hearing Kesha but praying that she had been mistaken.

"Nothing," Kesha sighed and let it go. "What about that salad then?" She forced herself to mumble, mentally screaming at herself ecev as she said it.

Demi's face lit up at this and she nodded eagerly. Then she went downstairs, with Kesha trailing silently behind her.

As they ate Demi decided to try and make convention with Kesha for the millionth time since she had arrived. She was pleasantly surprised when Kesha started responding to her.

"So, how old are you now Kesha? You must be at least fourteen!" She said brightly.

"Fifteen," Kesha corrected her. "Sixteen this year. You're twenty-one, right?" She asked, hesitating slightly before saying Demi's age. Demi nodded, but didn't actually answer due to the food that was currently occupying her mouth.

"Wow, how old does that make Dallas?" Kesha asked and giggled slightly, thinking of her oldest cousin being older.

"Twenty-six," Demi confirmed. Kesha tried to hold in her laugher. She could only picture fourteen year old Dallas!

"She's getting old," she chuckled as she chewed her mouthful of salad. She had to chew it for ages before forcing it roughly down her throat. She prayed that Demi was oblivious to this, which thankfully she was!

"Don't let her hear you say that," Demi warned jokingly as she laughed along with Kesha. "I don't think she would find it very funny!" Kesha quickly nodded, still smirking to herself.

Dallas had always seemed like an adult to her. It was funny to think that she was one now! Demi would certainly never be an adult in Kesha's eyes. It just didn't seem right!

"What about Madison? She must be about thirteen now?" Kesha asked, thinking hard before asking. Madison had only just been born when she herself had been three!

"Yes, Maddie's thirteen now. She's also dyed her hair purple too!" Demi told Kesha. "It looks really cool!"

"I'd love to see that," Kesha said and was genuinely interested Demi quickly showed her a picture on her phone.

It was a picture on Twitter of Maddie wearing a Demi Lovato hoody. The caption read, 'if you miss your sister, just wear her merch'. Kesha marveled at her pretty purple hair before handing Demi her phone back.

"I'd swap hair with her," she mused quietly. Demi frowned in confusion and gestured to Kesha's multicoloured hair.

"But you're hair is already coloured," she pointed out. Kesha looked a little bewildered for a second before realizing what Demi was referring to.

"Demi they're accessories," she pointed out and giggling a little bit. "You know, kind of like extension? They're clip-ons!"

Demi blushed a cute shade of pink, matching her hair as realization dawned on her.

"Oops," she laughed. "Well they're really pretty anyway."

Kesha unsurely thanked her, not really knowing how to except the compliment.

She politely excused herself and took her bowl out back into the kitchen, they had been eating at the dinner table, before going back to her bedroom.

Demi just caught a glimpse of the bowl as she walked past. It was still full, Kesha had only eaten a mouthful!

"Well that's not good," Demi thought worriedly. "That's not good at all..." Suspicion rose up inside Demi as she watched her baby cousin leave the room.

Kesha didn't seem to be as okay as she had first seemed...

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