Kesha leaned against Demi's shoulder in exhaustion. She was still very weak, but luckily had managed to stay mainly concious for a while now.

Doctors and nurses occasionally appeared to check up on her, but that was it. As there was a drip in her arm, Kesha hasn't needed to face food yet. This was something that she was extremely grateful for, even though the sight of the drip made her stomach do flips.

"Hello, Miss Lovato, Miss Hart-Cooper." Kesha's main doctor, Dr Stevenson, said as he walked into the room. "We have been looking over all of our information and we have come to the conclusion that you did attempt suicide. Is that correct, Miss Hart-Cooper?"

"Well you certainly don't beat around the bush, do you?" Kesha replied, rolling her eyes.

Demi promptly elbowed Kesha and gave an apologetic look to the doctor. Kesha simply rolled her eyes again.

"Fine," she sighed. "No, it was not."

"But you did do it on purpose?" Dr Stevenson pushed skeptically.

"No, I did not." Kesha responded bluntly.

"Kesandra, please be honest with me. I only want to help you," Dr Stevenson reasoned.

Demi tightened her grip around Kesha. She knew what she had to do... There was only one thing stopping her; she had only just started to get Kesha back, she didn't want to ruin that!

"But isn't Kesha's wellbeing more important than what you want?" A little voice in her head whispered. "You can't be selfish."

"I know," Demi whispered almost silently to herself. "I know..."

Then she looked up at the doctor and raised her voice slightly, gripping Kesha tightly as she did so.

"Doctor? Could I perhaps have a word with you outside?" She asked, her voice betraying her by shaking.

Kesha's breath caught in her throat and she locked eyes with Demi's. They were clearly saying one thing; don't.

"I'm sorry," Demi thought miserably as she followed Dr Stevenson out of the room.

Kesha waited for ten agonizingly long minutes for Demi and the doctor to enter the room again. It was pure torture!

She strained to hear their conversation, but wasn't really strong enough.

Finally, a pale Demi entered the room again and was followed by a grace looking doctor.

"Miss Hart-Cooper, Demi has informed me of many serious things about you and I'm going to need you to confirm them. We will also be talking to your parents, family, school and friends to confirm these allegations too so don't try to lie." Dr Stevenson began. "Kesandra, do you have an eating disorder, self harm, have depression and abusive parents?"

Kesha froze, the colour completely draining from her cheeks. Then her face hardened and she fixed Demi with a sly glare.

"No!" She exclaimed in horror. "I honestly have no idea what you're talking about! Okay, obviously I have self harmed or I wouldn't be here. But it was once, that's it. I saw it on TV and figured it was worth a try as I was feeling extremely sad and angry. My parents told me that I couldn't see Demi anymore as she's crazy and unstable. I didn't believe them before, but now? Clearly she's delusional! My mother always said that Demi wanted me to be just like her, I guess she was right. I'm very sorry, Dr Stevenson, you will have to excuse my cousin. She's had a tough time and is a little messed up. Search it, if you like. Some people just can't tell what's reality, I suppose."

Her eyes narrowed and she glanced at Demi slyly. The doctor looked between the to girls.

"Just ask my parents," Kesha continued solemnly. "They will tell you the same."

"STOP IT!" Demi yelled, beginning to panic. "I'm not crazy, honestly! Yes, I've had a tough time! Yes, I went through a lot! But I'm not making this up! Kesha really does have issues too, I know she does!"

"Really, Demi? Are you sure, because I don't think I do." Kesha said gently, like she was talking to a baby. "Oh, Demi, this has to stop. You're going to start hurting the people around you. We don't all have problems, we're not all you."

Demi felt herself beginning to get more and more panicky. The familiar paranoid feeling started to seep back into her mind.

"I'm not crazy! I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!" She cried, tears now filling her eyes.

"I think you should leave the room now, Miss Lovato." Dr Stevenson said, ushering her out.

As he did so, he looked from Demi to Kesha.

This really was one messed up family...

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