Kesha woke up the next morning to the sound of somebody speaking downstairs. Happiness washed over her when she recognized it as Samantha's voice.

"Hi, I'm Samantha! I just wanted to drop by and check that you arrived safely," Samantha said brightly to somebody else who was apparently also downstairs. "Thank you so much for coming at such short notice. I really appreciate it! I wanted to stay here, but I have work, University and my little sister Jackie to look after. Not to mention my baby brother Dylan!" Samantha told the other person, in her usual cheery voice.

Kesha wondered what Samantha was talking about and, more importantly, who is was talking to! She strained to her the other persons voice, but she simply couldn't hear!

"I'll stop by later, if that's alright with you? I really need to catch up with Kesha! But anyway, I better get back. See you around," Samantha said brightly.

Kesha jumped out of bed, forgetting that she was still in her pyjamas, with messy bed-hair, and sprinted downstairs. It was clear that Samantha was planning to leave, and Kesha was desperate to see her!

"SAMANTHA!" She screamed excitedly the second she got downstairs and flung herself at the woman standing just outside the front door.

"Hey babe," Samantha laugh and picked her up easily before spinning her around. Samantha was a tall woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes to match. Today her hair was up in a sleek ponytail that reached just past her shoulders, flicking up neatly at the end.

Everything about Samantha always seemed to be perfect no matter what. She was just the right size and hight, and always looked immaculate.

She was wearing black skinny tears, a plain black t-shirt and a shiny black leather jacket. She was also wearing shiny black heals to match.

"Samantha, have you come to look after me? I haven't seen you in ages!" Kesha said is a rush, completely forgetting that there was another person there. Samantha had been grinning at Kesha, but now her face fell and she smiled sympathetically down at her.

"Didn't your patents tell you? I can't look after you properly because I haven't got enough time at the moment. They asked somebody else instead," she explained. Kesha stared at Samantha in horror and clutched the girls hand tightly.

"But I want you!" She cried miserably. "Who else could they ask? I don't even think I know anybody else who would!" Samantha gestured for Kesha to turn around and look behind her. She did as she was told, but was not happy with the sight before her.

For a moment, Kesha was seriously worried that she might faint. Quickly she rubbed her eyes, doing it so hard they hurt. But the person before her remained the same. Kesha felt the feeling of impending doom settle around her.

"Oh no," she growled in shock. "Demi Lovato." She sounded worryingly like her parents when she spoke like that.

Demi had been grinning widely at Kesha, but her reaction soon disappeared, like it had been slapped right off.

Time seemed to stand still as Kesha continued to glare at the woman she hadn't seen in twelve years. The woman she never wanted to see again.

This woman was dead to her.

"So Kessie, how have you been?" Demi asked nervously, desperate to break the awkward silence that had fallen on the room. Kesha flinched at the name 'Kessie', but before she could even attempt to answer Samantha burst into a fit of hysterical laughter. Both Kesha and Demi turned around and gave her inquisitive looks.

"I am so sorry," she spluttered through her laughter. "It's just she is so not a 'Kessie'!" Kesha gave Samantha such a horrible look that Samantha was grateful that looks couldn't kill!

"Oh," Demi said uncomfortably. "So you go by Kesandra now?" This quickly set Samantha off again. Kesha glowed a brilliant shade of bright red.

"It's Kesha," she muttered through gritted teeth. Samantha wrapped her arms around Kesha's shoulders and hugged her from behind, still chuckling.

"Well Kesha, I'd love to chat but I've really got to get back! I'll see you later though?" She asked brightly. Kesha gave her a pleading look and mouthed 'please don't leave me here' to her. "Oh you'll be fine," Samantha laughed. Demi's frowned, wondering what Kesha had mouthed. Then Samantha quickly said goodbye to Demi and left.

"Great," thought Kesha miserably. "Just great..."

"So Kessie," Demi stuttered nervously, suddenly unsure of how to act. This certainly was not the reunion she had expected. "How's, uh, life?"

Kesha felt the familiar bubble of anger begin to creep up inside of her.

The same bubble of anger that always materialised whenever she thought about her cousin.

"Life's swell, Demi, just swell," Kesha replied sarcastically. "But maybe you would actually know how my life is if you had ever bothered to call! Or text! Or even acknowledge my pathetic existence at all! But I guess you were too busy for little old me, being Miss Celebrity and all!" Demi's mouth began to open and close like a goldfish, completely shocked.

"What? Not the reunion you were hoping for? Oh well, life's not fair. Is it?" Kesha snarled cruely. Then she began to storm upstairs, stopping at the top. "Oh, and by the way, it's Kesha!" With that, she slammed her bedroom door shut as hard as she could.

The second it shut she slid down the door and sobs began erupting from her fragile body, causing her to shake uncontrollably.

"Why now?" She sobbed miserably into her knees. "You're not supposed to be here! You're not supposed to come back. You're meant to stay away. It's all your fault! This is all you're fault," she cried.

The tears didn't show any signs of stopping and for a while Kesha let them fall.

It felt like hours before she pulled herself together and got up. At first she was shaky, but she just about made it to her bed.

The first thing she realised was that she was actually still in her favourite The Big Bang Theory pyjamas. She then started getting out her clothes for the day.

She chose black jeggins with silver chains coming off of them, a red t-shirt with a picture of black roses on it and silver chains. Lastly she grabbed her old black hoody.

Then she pulled on her black and red rocks with her scruffy, worn supermarket trainers, that were falling apart. Her parents always tried to force her into designer brands, but Kesha always refused.

Then it was time to tame the mess that was her hair. At the moment it was standing out on end and full of nots. After she had brushed it, it fell just bellow her shoulders. The ends were deliberately cut jaggedly and so was her side fridge. That was just the way she liked it.

Then Kesha picked up her favourite hair accessories and clipped them in. Soon her hair was no longer honey-blond, but honey-blond with red, blue and green streaks in it. Perfect!

After that, she pulled on her blank leather, fingerless gloves, with silver chains and studs, and her black fashion hat with grey tartan ribbon around it.

Once she was dressed properly it was time for make-up. After putting on a thin layer of foundation, she took out a blood-red lipstick, black eyeliner and black mascara.

It only took her a few seconds to apply it. Now, finally, her look was complete!

After standing in her room for a few moments, Kesha plucked up the courage to go downstairs where she knew Demi would be.

Things we about to get interesting, Demi was about to meet the real Kesha Lee H-Coop for the first time...

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