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Hold a Smile (Demi Lovato) COMPLETE by lovatic-penguin
Hold a Smile (Demi Lovato) COMPLETEby Lovatic-Penguin
After Demi's last tour, she wanted to try teaching. She went to college, got her degree, and she is now teaching her first year of second grade. Most of the kids are gre...
finding me while loving you  by demisavedme123
finding me while loving you by demisavedme123
Sometimes, getting your heart broke leads you to exactly where you need to be. Sometimes, being at the right place at the right time, changes your whole entire life. Nu...
the Wednesday girl- Demi Lovato by demiiloveyou
the Wednesday girl- Demi Lovatoby demiiloveyou
She passed by between 5.35 and 5.40. Consecutively, every single Wednesday. It piqued my interest.
Adopted By Demi by thenighttimelife
Adopted By Demiby thenighttimelife
Demi Lovato is a 25 wild and free pop sensation. She's constantly getting herself in trouble. Demi only thinks of herself, she's completely irresponsible, and she doesn'...
Cool for the Summer (Under Editing) by BrittCarranza
Cool for the Summer (Under Editing)by Britt Carranza
Eleanor Phillips, 19-year-old female, co-owns and works at Phillips' Tours, as a tour guide. Lovatic. Demi Lovato, singer, songwriter, decides to take a break from her h...
Miss Lovato (TeacherxStudent) by demistalents
Miss Lovato (TeacherxStudent)by demistalents
"My name is Miss Lovato. You can call me Demi."
You Found Me by nightsingale
You Found Meby nightsingale
And they said being lost would be the scariest feeling in the world, but being lost in her had never felt more like home.
Twisted { Demi Lovato Lesbian Fan Fic } by bitchinbossanobody
Twisted { Demi Lovato Lesbian Fan...by Zoomer
{ I update when I can } Hi, my name is Alexis Jones but, most people call me Alex. I have lived in Lodon my hole life but, I was going to move to Texas soon. I was turni...
Demi's Miracle *Series Completed* by britswriting
Demi's Miracle *Series Completed*by Brit
*NOT EDITED!* Demi Lovato decides she wants to adopt a child. But work can get in the way. Her manager doesn't think it is a good idea... but Demi wants to prove him wro...
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Trio {Dantana} by Imalovatic
Trio {Dantana}by Imalovatic
They make the most perfect trio... Story is now also translated to Spanish! Léelo en español! 👇🏼 link: ‪https://my.w.tt/NpXrIIJ0D7‬
Demi's Secret by CrayCare
Demi's Secretby CrayCare
Emily is a troubled teenager who goes to a party. After another night of going out to get drunk, she wakes up the next day in some strangers house, but this stranger isn...
Teach Me How To Love by VanessaBabyS
Teach Me How To Loveby Kari
Demi had been confident in every aspect of her life. Failing at relationships was nothing new, it never phased her. That was until SHE came into her life and taught her...
LifeSaver (A Demi Lovato Fanfiction) by lovatic_bieberr
LifeSaver (A Demi Lovato Fanfictio...by lovatic_bieberr
An 18 year old girl named Winter crosses paths with the Demi Lovato one day at work. Things don't start out well between them but when something tragic happens in Winter...
Guardian Angel (Demi Lovato GxG) by NonbinaryFreak
Guardian Angel (Demi Lovato GxG)by Bo
Ravenfeather Diablo, a 20 year old world famous chef with 10 restaurants, 6 in Europe and 4 in America. Behind all of that is a young lesbian woman wanting to feel loved...
Only you (Demi lovato gxg) by letmefixyoudarling
Only you (Demi lovato gxg)by letmefixyoudarling
Kenzie isn't a a big fan if Demi see actually couldn't care less about her what happens when meet at one if Demi's concerts will Demi fall for her will Kenzie fall for...
Make It Better  by IngoAP
Make It Better by IngoAP
Marissa Callahan, Demi Lovato's best friend, has a daughter named Amelia 'Mia' Devonne Mayers. Yes, she's named after Demi. When Marissa returns home from her first day...
Demi Lovato Imagines by justlovatox
Demi Lovato Imaginesby tellmeyoulovemedemi
One shots and imagines All will be Y/N ‼️Will contain‼️ •Smut •Possible BDSM •Mental Health •Possible Suicide
Trial & Error (Ariana Grande/You) by Tsunami199
Trial & Error (Ariana Grande/You)by Tsunami199
Being Ariana Grande's ex isn't really the easiest thing, but being her co writer and music producer is even harder. All Y/N really wants is to get as far away from Arian...
Pure by demiiloveyou
Pureby demiiloveyou
I know she gets the hint I'm trying to send her, when I'm fidgeting in my spot slowly moving away a tiny drop. But her arm is still firmly around my shoulder and her thi...
Troubled: A Demi Lovato FanFic by serenityloves7
Troubled: A Demi Lovato FanFicby annie
13 year old Cecelia was adopted by the De La Garza's 3 years ago. When she is finally forced to get to know Demi, will her secret addictions be revealed? While Demi's f...