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illegal by lovatoswife
illegalby Briana
In which sixteen year old Alexandra Anderson falls in love with a twenty six year old woman who happens to be her teacher and mothers best friend. Little did the two kno...
  • demetriadevonnelovato
  • lesbian
  • crime
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It's Only The Beginning by dreamin247
It's Only The Beginningby dreamin247
Can a miracle bring together two people who mean so much to the world?
  • nemi
  • nickjonas
  • demilovato
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Taming the Rouge by Hate_You__Love_You
Taming the Rougeby Hate_You__Love_You
Demi Lovato, the new teacher at the local private school. After growing up watching her dad teach, she wanted nothing more than to follow in his footsteps, so here she i...
  • badpast
  • girlxgirl
  • crosscountry
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What I Pretend To Be by infinitelovato
What I Pretend To Beby infinitelovato
Sixteen-year-old Isabella, daughter of Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama, struggles to uphold her perfect image after Blake, her big brother, takes his own life. Demi an...
  • love
  • family
  • demi
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Wildfire (Demi Lovato) by sofiaxrosee
Wildfire (Demi Lovato)by sofiaxrosee
'Breathless, I can't resist. Melt with your scarlet kiss.' You x Demi Lovato.
  • jonas
  • nick
  • gxg
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one shots- Demi Lovato  by demiiloveyou
one shots- Demi Lovato by demiiloveyou
Demi Lovato one shots/ short stories/ imagines, however you wanna call them. requests are very welcome!
  • demi
  • fanfiction
  • imagines
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It's What Mothers Do by wordsweneversaid
It's What Mothers Doby wordsweneversaid
Based off my imagine 'What Mothers Do' from my Demi Lovato/You Imagines. Sleepless nights, consuming depression, empty threats and frightening revelations is what has be...
  • dilmer
  • demilovatoyou
  • lovato
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Under Her Wing [SLOW UPDATES]  by Anxiety_Addi
Under Her Wing [SLOW UPDATES] by Addi
"I know you're sixteen, and I know that I'm not your real mother, but feel free to call me Mommy if you'd like," she said, staring down at the floor. "Mom...
  • adoption
  • girlxgirl
  • lgbtq
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I like girls... by demislove129
I like girls...by Demi’s•love
  • demi
  • demilovato
  • lovato
Invisible by gagasgypsy25
Invisibleby gagasgypsy25
Rosemary Anne Jackson is a 15 year old girl that lives in East LA. Pressure by her surroundings she needs a job what happens when she applies to be her idols assistant...
  • adopted
  • lanaparrilla
  • adoption
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the Wednesday girl- Demi Lovato by demiiloveyou
the Wednesday girl- Demi Lovatoby demiiloveyou
She passed by between 5.35 and 5.40. Consecutively, every single Wednesday. It piqued my interest.
  • girlxgirl
  • lovato
  • fanfiction
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Life As A Lovato by justlovatox
Life As A Lovatoby tellmeyoulovemedemi
My name is Rose, Rose Lovato. Let me guess, you skipped the Rose bit and went straight to Lovato? Everyone does. I'm not a 'real' Lovato though, yes Dianna is my mother...
  • sister
  • family
  • mentalhealth
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Demi Lovato One Shots by justlovatox
Demi Lovato One Shotsby tellmeyoulovemedemi
Demi Lovato One Shots Just short stories about Queen Demetria. There will be smut;) All Trigger Warnings will be placed at the top of each new story. Read at your own r...
  • lovatic
  • demetria
  • oneshot
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Lonely (Demi Lovato Lesbian Stories)  by FireStarterXx
Lonely (Demi Lovato Lesbian Storie...by FireStarterXx
A night out at a strip club to soothe her loneliness leaves Demi in a very unique situation. After seemingly ruining a young girls life Demi is determined to make things...
  • lovato
  • recovery
  • drama
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Don't leave me, I'm afraid.  by cutestranger2002
Don't leave me, I'm afraid. by cutestranger2002
They are two to have lost loved ones. They both found themselves at the bottom of the abyss. The Moon and the Earth together.
  • demilovato
  • lesbian
  • fanfictiondemilovato
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Demi Imagines (Lesbian) by demisdirection
Demi Imagines (Lesbian)by Jam
This is just a book of Demi imagines to keep you reading while I work on Confident, Revival, Girl Meets Reality, and more! So... Enjoy and inbox me if you have any ideas...
  • imagines
  • demi
  • gxg
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Breakfast, With A Bonus (Demi Lovato Lesbian Stories)  by FireStarterXx
Breakfast, With A Bonus (Demi Lova...by FireStarterXx
'Maybe it means we have more to consider moving forward, obviously, but I don't see him as a complication. I'm OK now that it took so long for us to finally have breakfa...
  • adoption
  • singleparent
  • surprise
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Demi Lovato Imagines by BekaHerr
Demi Lovato Imaginesby BekaHerr
Each one will be short or long it's just going to be about y/n (as in your name ) and Demi together . I hope you enjoy these imagines
  • lesbian
  • imagines
  • lovato
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Left Out (Demi Lovato) by IAmALovatic4Life
Left Out (Demi Lovato)by IAmALovatic4Life
A 13 year old orphan makes a new friend who introduces her to the music of popstar, Demi Lovato. But, what her friend doesn't know, is that this girl has some of the sam...
  • wattys2018
  • demilovato
  • lovato
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Best Mistake by W1LDCH1LD
Best Mistakeby wild child.
you're the best mistake I ever made...
  • tremi
  • trey
  • songz
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