Unexpected Love (A Demi Lovato Fanfic) by the_readerxx
Unexpected Love (A Demi Lovato Fan...by the_readerxx
Kinsley, a heartbroken college student from Texas, got stuck on an elevator one night. Demi just so happened to be stuck too. Little did these two know, that would be th...
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Coach Lovato (girlxgirl) by raerae123720
Coach Lovato (girlxgirl)by raerae123720
Rae Adams is a senior in high school. She is 18 and lives with her older brother James who is 25 after their parent passed away in a car accident a year ago. She is a tr...
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Demi Lovato Gif Imagines.  by KiwiShawn
Demi Lovato Gif Imagines. by KiwiShawn
Demi Lovato Gif Imagines.
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Don't Leave Me by Sydneydog21
Don't Leave Meby Sidney
Demi goes to Southwind Middle School to give a speech, but what happens when she hears something that she's not supposed to? Will 11 year old Emily allow Demi to help he...
  • bullying
  • adoption
  • selfharmawareness
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Tell Me You Love Me // Demi Lovato // 1 by crimson_x_sky
Tell Me You Love Me // Demi Lovato...by C R I M S O N S K Y
// HIGHEST RANK #1 tell me you love me // #21 Demi // Demi Lovato and I were best friends for years, until her drug use tore us apart. It's been years since we've spoken...
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For the Love of My Sister by _geelovatic
For the Love of My Sisterby _geelovatic
Isabella Lovato. Izzy for short but I'm guessing you only noticed the Lovato part right? Well that part doesn't matter to me see, according to my birth certificate my fa...
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Demi Lovato Imagines by happ1ending
Demi Lovato Imaginesby happ1ending
Random imagines and one-shots:) Frequent updates! Leave suggestions!
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Demi Lovato one shots by Jaceemerson
Demi Lovato one shotsby jace14
These are being made because through out the day my mind runs wild and comes up with little story lines, there's not enough to make one story so why not make tiny ones...
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Running | Demi Lovato  by lovatic_chica
Running | Demi Lovato by rachel
Demi's running from a dark past, and she meets Wilmer along the way. Can he get her to trust him enough to let him show her the light?
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Arranged Love (Zayn Malik Arranged Marriage) by FiyonaPray
Arranged Love (Zayn Malik Arranged...by Pray
You probably think getting an arrange marriage with someone you don't even know is a pain in the arse right? Well, no. Not for Meera Pray Rosselles. That's actually the...
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Love, Demi (lesbian story) by writingg-poemss
Love, Demi (lesbian story)by writingg-poemss
Demi Lovato Fanfiction Lia has been waiting her whole life for the chance to see Demi Lovato in concert as she has played such a huge part in her life, helping her get t...
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Demi Lovato Imagines by sofiaxrosee
Demi Lovato Imaginesby sofiaxrosee
Demi Lovato and You Imagines! Open to requests!
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Lessons by Jaceemerson
Lessonsby jace14
Sequel to strict ( with that being said, dont read this until you have read strict, otherwise nothing will make sense) Time and Time again they have said the same three...
  • lgbt
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Demi Lovato Adopts by sweetfangirl23
Demi Lovato Adoptsby Fangirl😜
Her name is Miranda Drane and she is eleven years old. Miranda is a fifth grader, who lives with her abusive mother. Her parents are divorced. What happens when Miranda...
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Purple Heart | Demi Lovato by lovatic_chica
Purple Heart | Demi Lovatoby rachel
He was her hero before he became the world's, but is there any way he can be both?
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Left Out (Demi Lovato) by IAmALovatic4Life
Left Out (Demi Lovato)by IAmALovatic4Life
A 13 year old orphan makes a new friend who introduces her to popstar Demi Lovato, but what Demi doesn't know is that this girl has some of the same problems that she di...
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Demi Lovato Imagines by susanlovato
Demi Lovato Imaginesby Susan Lovato
Send requests!
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Demi Lovato Lesbian Imagines 2 by user90747715
Demi Lovato Lesbian Imagines 2by
This is my second imagines book! It includes short stories about you and Demi! Read at your own risk! There is definately mature content! I take requests for stories! Al...
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Mistakes Made by DemisPringle
Mistakes Madeby Demi's Pringle ✌
Alexis, or Lex, is 16 and living in an all girls orphanage in California. Demi lives in LA with Wilmer and their daughter Hayden, 15. Demi and Lex share a secret, Demi...
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Demi Lovato Saved Me by aoifer2003
Demi Lovato Saved Meby aoifer2003
"Don't!! Please don't jump!" I turn around, in shock, to see my idol, Demi Lovato, standing two meters away, hands outstretched to me. "I'm sorry!" I...
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