Demi paced backwards and forwards, anxiety racing through her veins. She couldn't bare this any longer! Why were they taking so long? Why hadn't her mother called back?

Demi let out a groan of frustration, clenching her fists tightly until they turned white.

The doctor had spoken to her and Kesha alone before calling both their parents. Demi was a little offended by this, seeing as she was technically an adult, but hadn't objected.

Once Demi saw her aunt and uncle's expressions as they entered, her heart dropped. They looked smug. Demi had a horrible feeling that she had no hope going up against the Hart-Cooper's, they all clearly meant business.

"Miss, Lovato?" A nurse said, approaching Demi. Demi spun around quickly, almost sending them both flying.

"Yeah? Can I go in now?" She asked in a rush.

"No, sorry. It's just that your mother's on the phone," the nurse explained. "She couldn't get through on your mobile."

Demi glanced down at her mobile. It was dead; perfect. She then quickly thanked the nurse before walking with her towards the nearest phone.

"Mumma?" She said feebly, suddenly wishing that her mum was there right now.

"Hey, baby. How you holding up?" Diana said soothingly. At that, Demi dissolved into tears.

"Nobody be-believes me, Mum. They're all going to think I'm c-crazy!" She cried, clutching the phone.

"Oh no, baby girl, don't cry. We all know you're not crazy. Shh, shh, it's okay. It's all okay now," Diana shushed gently. "Mumma's here now."

They stayed on the phone for a while, right up until the doctor called Demi back in.

"Miss Lovato? You may enter now," he said before walking back inside.

Demi said a hurried goodbye to her mum before hanging up. She entered the room, feeling very small as she stood in front of Dr Stevenson, her aunt, uncle and cousin.

"So?" Demi said, breaking the ice. "What's going on?"

"Miss Lovato, we would like you to be assessed by out psychiatrist." He said gently. "It's not that we don't believe you, but-"

"But you don't believe me," Demi, finished. There was a slight edge to her voice, she clearly wasn't happy.

"You have to understand, Miss Lovato, the evidence isn't in your favor." Dr Stevenson explained. "Even your parents and older sister admit that you do have some mental health issues."

"That are under control now!" Demi snapped back. "This is discrimination!" Then her eyes fixed on Kesha's. "You! You're the one who's really messed up! Admit it!"

"DEMETRIA," yelled Meg. "I do not appreciate you talking to my daughter like that!"

Demi cursed at her aunt, storming over to her and glaring at her.

"You are so heartless," she sneered. "Can't you see, you're killing your own daughter!"

"Leave, Demetria. Now." Sam growled, looking at her dangerously.

"I think I'd better escort you out," Dr Stevenson intervened. He guided Demi out of the room.

Demi gave him a pleading look, gripping his arms tightly and begging him with her eyes.

"I promise you, they're hurting her. I know it," she pleaded. "Please, it'll kill her if she stays there."

"I want to believe you, Demi." Dr Stevenson said, using her first name for a change. "I really do. But there's no evidence. We can't just take her away with no evidence, it just doesn't work like that..."

"Then I'll find some." Demi retorted, turning on her heels and leaving.

Kesha stared up at her parents with wide, scared eyes. She knew they couldn't do anything, not with Demi and the doctor right outside, but that didn't make her any less scared.

"I covered it up," she whimpered as they began advancing on her. "I did good!"

"You almost got us all caught, that's what you did!" Meg replied, getting closer.

Kesha watched her parents closely, fear paralyzing her.

"They're right outside," she protested. "You might get caught."

"Not if you shut up," Sam pointed out.

Kesha nodded mutely, feeling his fingers curl across her mouth. They tasted like cigarettes, even though he hadn't smoked in months.

"Don't land yourself in here again, got it?" Meg snarled, pushing her head close to Kesha's. "Remember, sweetie, if we go down, you're going right down with us."

Kesha felt tears fill her eyes as she nodded furiously.

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