Chapter Twenty-Five

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Kesha shoved two fingers down her throat and immediately began to throw up violently.

Demi was quick to realize what Kesha was doing and began pounding on the door all over again.

"Kesandra Leonna Hart-Cooper, get your butt out of there right now!" She screamed, desperate to stop Kesha from harming herself.

"Get. Lost. Lovato." Kesha choked out, struggling to speak.

Demi began to cry, unable to hold it in anymore. She couldn't bare Kesha going though this.

"Please," she begged through her tears. "You're not just hurting yourself anymore, Kesha! You're hurting others too!"

"You mean you?" Kesha snapped back. "Like you gave a damn when you hurt me! You care so much about your precious Lovatics, but you don't care about me! You're own flesh and blood, your family. You didn't care at all when you were hurting me, did you?"

"Kesha, I don't understand! I would never hurt you, not ever!" Demi cried, horrified at the mere thought.

"I spent days waiting by that STUPID phone, for my STUPID cousin to call! Because she PROMISED she would!" Kesha practically screamed. "I WAS ONLY A KID, DEMI! THREE. YEARS. OLD!"

"Kesha, just calm down and we can talk about this!" Demi begged, sitting down against the door.

"I'm not coming out, Demi. You can't make me," Kesha said.

Her voice had turned to a dangerous whisper now. For some reason, that scared Demi more than the screaming.

"Please," Demi begged softly. Her voice now barely auditable.

Samantha and Monica appeared out of Samantha's room then, waking up from the noise.

Jackie was peeking out from her room too, looking worried about the noise.

"What's all the noise?" Samantha asked sleepily. Beckoning Jackie over to her side.

"It's Kesha," Demi said simply.

"Where is she? What's wrong?" Monica demanded, towering over Demi.

"She's locked herself in the bathroom and I can't get her out," Demi explained.

"That's it?" Monica cried, clearly not impressed.

"Kesha does that all the time," Jackie said with a yawn.

"Alright guys," Samantha said quickly. She could feel the tension building up. "Let's just go back to bed, okay? Demi didn't know, it's not her fault."

Demi watched as Samantha carried Jackie back into bed, tucking her in.

Monica went back to Samantha's room to her mattress on the floor.

"So you're really not worried?" Demi whispered to Samantha, once she had finished.

"The first few times, yes. But now? Not so much," Samantha replied gently. "What you have to understand, is that Kesha struggles. Quite a bit. Her parents pretty much leave her to look after herself, and she finds that exhausting." She continued, bending down to Demi's level.

"But still, I think I'll wait for her out here..." Demi sighed, realizing that Samantha didn't really know anything.

Samantha nodded and turned away. Demi suddenly called out to her.

"Samantha, wait!" She said, causing Samantha to turn around. "Why does Kesha hate me?"

"Demi, that's not my place to say." Samantha said sadly.

She went to her bedroom, stopping at the door. Giving Demi one last look.

"Maybe you should ask her," she said softly.

Demi smiled gratefully at Samantha, but inside she wasn't happy at all.

Would that ever work?

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