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Miss Lovato (TeacherxStudent) by demistalents
Miss Lovato (TeacherxStudent)by demistalents
"My name is Miss Lovato. You can call me Demi."
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Abandoned by ashleyyy321
Abandonedby ashleyyy321
Savanna Grace Myers... That's me. I was born Savanna Grace Lovato... But that's not my story. This is my story as Savanna Grace Myers... I have a twin brother, Aaron. We...
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Life as a Secret *lesbian Story* by demisdirtydiary
Life as a Secret *lesbian Story*by Brit
Spencer Lowe, just another girl on the streets. Demi Lovato, just another popstar on a stage. Demi has a secret no one but her family and Joe Jonas know, Spencer has a...
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Stop The World by Shannon_Demetria
Stop The Worldby Shannon
Six months after the Future Now, Demi and Nick receive a surprise which leaves them both reconsidering their feelings and what they want from each other. [Sequel is call...
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Deeper by herefornoreasons
Deeperby herefornoreason
GXG (smut warning) 18+ Demi's career as a math teacher at the famous Bursten college took an extra ordinary turn as she was greeted with her new 2020 class Lauren was kn...
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The Fighter  by Shannon_Demetria
The Fighter by Shannon
She used to have it all; a home, a fiancé, a family. Now she's a single mother just trying to make it through each day. She never would've imagined that a simple members...
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Taming the Rouge by Hate_You__Love_You
Taming the Rougeby Hate_You__Love_You
Demi Lovato, the new teacher at the local private school. After growing up watching her dad teach, she wanted nothing more than to follow in his footsteps, so here she i...
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Lonely by babyboyj15
Lonelyby babyboyj15
Y/n Y/l/n is a famous rapper, singer, and songwriter. She is signed with capitol records and is on tour for her new album 'Changes'. Her manager and best friend Conner i...
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Make This Place Your Home by battlecry7473
Make This Place Your Homeby battlecry7473
Kidfic. Lauren lost her parents at the age of three and has been in the foster system for over a year. Normani and Dinah are registered foster parents who get a call la...
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All you ever dreamed of by scottish-gal
All you ever dreamed ofby Scottish-gal
Ruby was a 24 year old Scottish girl living in Glasgow when she got a call to become a bodyguard for a singer in America. She then meets her idol and realises that she'l...
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Unwanted #Watty's2017 by L0veLikeHate
Unwanted #Watty's2017by L0veLikeHate
Ava is the unwanted child. She got abandoned on a doorstep hours after being born. What happens years later when her Mum wants her back? (Ava and Isaac in the book cover)
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Dangerous by Corpangaaaa
Dangerousby Corpanga1315
Serena is a heartbreaker, she is the biggest player around and makes everyone drool when she walks past.. But she also is a criminal and is involved in lots of crimes wi...
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A Little Unexpected by insignificantsunite
A Little Unexpectedby insignificantsunite
When Emerson witnesses her best friend's car crash, with the unknown of if her friend was going to make it on her mind, she finds herself extremely stressed. What usuall...
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Therapy by dovato
Therapyby dovato
Therapy: Treatment intended to relive or heal a disorder. 21 year old Sadie has been going to therapy two days a week for three years after a horrible tragedy. After al...
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Sonny With A Chance Season 3 by dirtylittlebird11
Sonny With A Chance Season 3by dirtylittlebird11
What would happen in season 3 if Sonny with A Chance would have continued. Especially with Channy <3 Written in scrip format.
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The Unexpected Saviour by wrxter11
The Unexpected Saviourby wrxter11
When a fan reaches out to Demi for support after breaking her sobriety, Harper Lewis never expected this...
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Unknown Number by GoForHerBloodd
Unknown Numberby Bossdlovato
Y/n is a 16 year old girl that wants to have a normal life just like everybody else around her. But normal is just not on her side. Y/n gets weird texts from an unknown...
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Meeting Demi Lovato by Onlyfordemetria_
Meeting Demi Lovatoby Onlyfordemetria_
Y/n is a massive, and I mean MASSIVE fan of Demi Lovato. You could even call her a lovatic. One day she meets her idol, little does she know that won't be the last time...
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Take a Shot by rxuhlswarrior
Take a Shotby rxuhlswarrior
You get a part in a movie not realising how much your life would change, you get to meet some of the most famous people in Hollywood and call yourself an A lister but is...
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Sweet and Innocent (Demi Lovato) by IAmALovatic4Life
Sweet and Innocent (Demi Lovato)by IAmALovatic4Life
Six years ago, a toddler and her baby sister were orphaned after their parents died in a car crash. Lillian and Neveah were left with their uncle who was the last surviv...
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