Demi desperately tried to grab Kesha, how was determined to get away from Demi.

"Please baby girl, just try to calm down for me." Demi said, getting desperate.

Kesha was still screaming at Demi not to look and had decided to attack her own skin, instead of the kitchen side, tracking her nails down herself.

"Stop it Kesha! Please, I promise I'm not looking!" Demi cried, beginning to panic.

Kesha slowly began to stop hurting herself and her sobs were quieter.

"Please don't look at me," she whispered and watched the floor intently. "Please..."

Demi watched Kesha, tears streaming down her pale face. Her poor baby cousin, what did she ever do to deserve this?

"Who made you like this? Who's hurt you so badly?" Demi asked, now gripping Kesha's boney shoulders and involuntary digging her nails in.

"Nobody," Kesha whispered harshly. She was refusing to look up at Demi.

"Kesha," Demi sighed and began to get frustrated. "Please, who hurt you?"

Kesha wouldn't even answer this time. She was like a zombie, completely unresponsive to Demi.

"Why won't you let me in, baby girl?" She sobbed, causing Kesha to look up at her.

Tears still filled Kesha's eyes and pain was etched on her face. Demi hadn't seen anyone so broken since she had looked in the mirror, just before she had gone into treatment.

"Oh please don't need treatment," Demi prayed silently. "Please be okay without it..."

Kesha was sobbing loudly again now, not being able to see Demi crying. She hide her face in her hands and just screamed as she cried.

"Shhh, shhh..." Demi soothed and suddenly pulled Kesha towards her, forcing her into a hug. "It's okay, you're okay. I've got you, I'm here now. I'm going to make it all go away."

Kesha resisted the hug and tried to escape, but Demi stubbornly clung on.

She was scared about what Kesha might to if she let go, scared that Kesha could easily leave her forever.

"Please don't cry, baby girl..." Demi begged. Then she began to sing softly, the song that she desperately needed Kesha to believe right at that moment... "The day I first met you,

You told me you'd never fall in love,

But now that I get you,

I know that fear is what it really was.

Now here we are,

So close yet so far,

Haven't I passed the test,

When will you realize,

Baby I'm not like the rest.

Don't wanna break your heart,

Wanna give your heart a break,

I know you're scared it's wrong,

Like you might make a mistake,

There's just one life to live,

And there's no time to wait,

To waste,

So let me give your heart a break,

Your heart a break,

Let me give your heart a break,

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