"She hates me! I can tell," Demi cried down the phone to her older sister while Kesha was upstairs getting ready. "You can hear it in her voice. You can see it in her eyes. It's horrible! I thought she would be pleased to see me. This isn't how I planned it!" She sobbed miserably.

Dallas tried as hard as she could to sooth Demi, but it wasn't easy. After all, Demi was on the other side of the world from her!

"I thought she would have missed me. Missed us! But she-.... She hates us," Demi whispered the last bit. "It really hurts to know that... What did we do to make her hate us this much?"

Demi didn't realize it, but Kesha was currently standing on the stairs listening to the conversation at that very moment. She didn't feel any emotion at all as she listened to Demi's words, she had made herself stop 'feeling' a long time ago. If anything she was glad Demi was so upset. She did deserve it, after all.

Then Kesha decided that she was done listening to Demi wallow in self pity, and made herself known by coughing loudly as she descended the remaining stairs.

"Lovato," she called out sharply. Demi took the phone away from her ear, listening to Kesha. "I'm going out," she informed her briefly. Demi patiently waited for Kesha to elaborate, but, of course, Kesha didn't.

"Where are you going?" Demi asked, getting tired of waiting for Kesha to tell her.

"Out," was the blunt reply Kesha bothered to give her as she opened the front door.

Demi sighed but didn't push it. She was beginning to get the feeling that Kesha wasn't one to be pushed.

"Would you like some company?" She asked politely, forcing the hope out of her voice as she spoke.

"I am my own company," Kesha replied. She was still painfully blunt with her reply.

This answer made Demi's face fall a little, but she swiftly plastered a smile back on. She hadn't realized that Kesha was such a smart-allick

"When will you be back?" She asked, now getting desperate for a proper answer.

"Hopefully when you're gone!" Kesha thought, but, of course, she didn't say that. "When I'm done," she informed Demi and then left without another word.

"See," Demi said down the phone. She had just realized that Dallas was still there and would have heard everything.

"She absolutely hates me!" Demi hardly listened to Dallas's response, she was too bust thinking about Kesha. "Look, Dallas, I've got to go and find her. Speak to you later!"

Then Demi hung up and rushed out of the front door, hoping to see some sort of sign of where Kesha might be.

Sadly there wasn't anything to suggest to her where she might have gone. Demi began to feel a little frantic. After all, she was the adult here. If something was to happen to Kesha it would be all her fault.

"She went that way," a voice said quietly from behind her.

This broke Demi out of her thoughts. She pun around and noticed a young girl sitting on a picnic blanket with a play tea-set, some teddies and a little baby boy in the front garden of the neighbor's house.

Demi looked to where the girl was pointing and noticed a little narrow path running along the side of Kesha's house. It was mostly hidden by a long think bush, making it easy to miss.

"Thank you," Demi said before running down the path.

She couldn't help but wonder why the girl hadn't seemed at all surprised to see a 'famous' singer standing next door to her.

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