Chapter Eleven

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Demi finished choosing her clip-ons, and began struggling to apply them to her hair.

She stood in front of Kesha's full-length mirror, trying to reach her hair properly.

"Would you like a hand?" Kesha chuckled from behind her, going over to her cousin and taking the extensions that she had taken out of her hand.

"Thanks," Demi said gratefully and let Kesha put them all in nicely.

It wasn't long before she had finished and had returned back to her bed to put away the other accessories.

"Kesha?" Demi asked, after inspecting herself in the mirror again. "Could you take a quick picture for me?"

Kesha nodded and took Demi's phone without speaking, snapping a quick picture of Demi's new hair.

"This bests dying my hair," Demi said after posting the picture on Twitter.

Kesha simply gave her a small nodd in response and put away her box of extensions.

Demi sat down on her bed and patted the space beside her. Kesha wouldn't sit though, just watching Demi from where she was standing.

"We have to talk, Kesha." Demi signed, looking at her with a pleading look on her face. She really needed Kesha to cooperate right now.

"No, actually I really don't think we do!" Kesha snapped, danger filling her voice like venom.

"Sweetie, we need to talk about what I saw." Demi said gently, trying to calm her down.

"You didn't see anything, do you understand me? This, is non of your business. I, am non of your concern. Got it?" Kesha growled, pausing after the words 'this' and 'I'.

Her threatening tone of voice, was enough to make any grown man flee the room. But Demi was not anybody, and she was not giving up.

"No Kesha, I did see something, this is my business, and you are my concern, whether you like it or not!" She said, forcing her own voice to become forceful.

But it wasn't long before her face betrayed her and become soft, making her voice soft too.

"Come on baby, talk to me!" She begged, tears beginning to prick her eyes.

"Never," Kesha spat and turned to leave the room.

Demi sighed defeatedly and went into the spare room, which she was staying in, and logged onto her laptop.

She whipped away her tears and swiftly clicked on Skype, wanting to see if either of her sisters were online. Thankfully, Madison was.

"Hey girl!" Demi cried excitedly to Maddie.

"DEMI!" Maddie yelled, just as excited. "How's England? How's Kessie? Does she look different? Is she like me? Can I see her?"

Demi laughed at her little sisters stream of questions, but couldn't help but feel sad that Kesha wasn't quite what Maddie wanted to hear...

"Hey,slow down baby girl!" She laughed, pulling a face at her. "England's great, it's even been sunny so far!"

"Wow! I guess you got lucky, for like the first time ever in the history of Demi!" Maddie teased, winking at her playfully.

"Oh very funny," Demi shot back and stuck her tongue out. "You're so mature Mad!"

"I am very mature actually! More mature than you! Now tell me about Kessie!" Maddie begged, beginning to get impatient now.

"There's not much to tell," Demi said softly. "She's just a regular teenage girl, just like you."

Maddie sighed in frustration and looked pleadingly at Demi.

"Oh Demi, please tell me about Kessie! Please, please, please, please, please! It's not fair, you and Dallas got to spend years with her before I was even born! You make her sound so amazing! I just want to be apart of it!" Maddie cried, mock pouting.

"Alright, little miss drama-queen!" Demi teased, although inside she was starting to worry about the situation. "I'll see if she will come up and say hi, okay?"

Maddie nodded enthusiasticly and leaned closer towards the camera, excited to finally meet the famous Kessie.

"Kessie? Will you come up here a minute? Madison's on Skype, she wants to talk to you!" Demi called down, nervous of Kesha's reaction to being called 'Kessie'.

For a while, Demi and Maddie sat in silence. There was no answer from Kesha.

"Kes?" Demi tried again, panicking now. "Where are you?"

"Demi? What's going on?" Madison asked quietly.

Demi just shook her head at her and pressed a finger to her lips, telling Maddie to be quiet.

"What are you doing?" Maddie demanded, really confused now.

Listening," Demi whispered softly. She was desperately trying to hear whether Kesha was still in the house.

"Well?" Maddie asked again. "Can you hear her?"

Demi shook her head again, fear in her eyes.

"DALLAS!" Maddie screamed suddenly, scaring the life out of Demi. "DEMI LOST OUR COUSIN!"

"Oh great," Demi thought and cursed under her breath.

She was in big trouble now...

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