The next morning, Kesha was surprised to find Demi already up when she trudged downstairs.

"What are you doing up so early?" She mumbled, grabbing herself a glass of water.

"I couldn't sleep, I thought coffee might help..." Demi sighed, keeping her face buried in the mug she was holding. "What about you?"

"It's Monday," Kesha shrugged. "I have school. I'm not dressed like this for nothing!"

She vaguely gestured at her school uniform, not really giving Demi much attention at all!

"Wait, we don't have coffee!" She suddenly pointed out, her attention now fully on Demi.

"I noticed," chuckled Demi. "That's why I made tea. I'll buy coffee later."

Kesha stood watching Demi worriedly, fear evident on her face.

"Kesha?" Demi asked softly. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," she replied quickly. "I've got to go, I'll be late!" She cried and ran out quickly.

"How weird," Demi thought as she watched her leave.

Demi spent most of the day wandering around Kesha's huge house, looking in all of the rooms. Her favourite one was the music room.

"Wow," she gasped. "It's almost as big as mine! It's definitely got as much stuff in it!"

After hanging out in the music room for a few hours she did go to the shops to buy her coffee.

It was fun being able to go out without being recognized by everyone, not that she didn't love her fans to bits.

She hadn't told anyone, besides her family and close friends, where she was going. She had thought it would give her and Kesha a better chance to get to know each other, that didn't seem very likely now though...

By the time Demi had finished her shopping, it was about the time Kesha should be home.

She heard the door open and slam shut again. Then the sound of running feet upstairs.

Kesha was home.

"Hey," Demi called upstairs after her. "How was school?" No answer, making Demi nervous. "Kes- I mean, Kesh?" She called, faltering on Kesha's name.

In the end, Demi resorted in going upstairs. Stopping outside the closed bathroom door.

"Please," she heard someone whisper on the other side. "Please, stop. I can't, I can't. Not now. She's right downstairs. She probably already knows. I can't..."

Suddenly the door burst open, scaring the life out of Demi. Kesha stormed out, not seeming to even notice Demi.

Demi watched her leave, fear washing over her when she saw what was in Kesha's pale hand...

"Oh no," Demi thought. "Not Kesha!"

Could it be true?

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