"Um... Hi, baby girl... I-" Demi began, her voice trembling. Vicki winced, too tense to speak.

Suddenly, before Demi could even finish her sentence, Kesha started running straight for her. The young girl flew across the room, throwing her entire body at Demi.

Once she reached her, Kesha wrapped her arms tightly around Demi's waste, while her legs went limp. Swiftly, Demi caught her falling body, holding against her own. All at once, Kesha began violently sobbing into Demi's stomach, clutching her like she'd never let go.

Demi opened and closed her mouth like a fish, shocked by what was occurring. Vicki however, smiled subtly at the sight.

"B-baby?" Demi stuttered anxiously, looking down at Kesha through her own tears. "Kesh?"

"I've m-missed you s-so mu-uch," Kesha cried, squeezing Demi. "I-I'm s-so sorry, D-Demi."

"It's okay," Demi whispered nervously. "It's okay now. I'm here, Demi's here. I've got you now."

"I'm sorry I was mad," Kesha sobbed, shaking even more with every word. "B-but...you left me..."

Right there, Demi felt her heart break.

"I know, I know," she sobbed right back. But I'm here now. Understand me? I'm here."

Kesha carried on spluttering, holding on to Demi like she thought the world would end. Every feeling of anger washed away as she cried. At last, she started to feel the weight lift from her boney shoulders.

Her muscles untwisted from beneath her pale skin. Her body relaxed so it wasn't forced completely into Demi's own one. Her fingertips uncurled and just rested on Demi's top. Her eyelids unscrewed and stayed smooth, still covering the green hidden within.

A shuddered sigh escaped Kesha's chapped lips.

She was finally home.

Demi scooped up Kesha easily up into a bundle and carried her into Vicki's living room. Vicki herself went to make them all tea - despite knowing that Demi preferred coffee and that Kesha never toughed the stuff - she wanted them to be alone.

It was a few minutes before Demi got up the courage to speak. She was afraid. Afraid she might break everything again. That she might break Kesha again.

"Baby girl," she said softly, pealing Kesha body away from her own a little. "Are you okay?"

Kesha opened her eyes, looking up at Demi so innocently it was like no time has passed at all.

Kesha shrugged, "I dunno... I guess..."

"No, really, Kesha. How are you? Where did you go? Why did you run away?"

"Be-because," Kesha choked out, more tears coming. "Because you told, Demi. You called the police. I thought-..."

"You thought what, honey?"

"I thought I could...trust you..." Kesha whimpered.

"You can trust me!" Demi cried. She grabbed Kesha's face in her hands, forcing them to make eye contact. "Kesha, I only did what I did because I love you so much. I couldn't stand to see you hurt anymore. Ever!"

A look of shock slowly crept onto Demi's face. The truth suddenly dawning on her.

"Didn't you know that?" She asked quietly.

"I don't know!" Kesha cried back. "I was just so afraid, Demi. I was packed and ready to go with you - I wanted to go with you - but then the police were everywhere. And I couldn't see you... I didn't think you were coming."

"I was right there, Kesh... I'm always right there," Demi said.

"Really? Because apart from the last few months, I don't remember you being there at all."

Demi cried. Without warning, she burst into tears, pulling Kesha close to her again. Kesha pulled back in shock, but stayed right there in Demi's arms.

"Kesha, I was just a kid. Do you remember how old I was? I was nine. I wasn't old enough to understand any of it either. I didn't know your parents forced you away, especially not because they hated us. I was just a kid. I was just a kid... I didn't know...." She said, wiping her eyes roughly with the back of her hand. "I only realised recently what you meant every time you said I left you. You meant twelve years ago when I never called and I didn't rescue you. Even though I promised."

Kesha stared at Demi, not knowing what to say. They were both crying hysterically, holding onto each other so tightly that it hurt. They couldn't look more broken.

But then, Kesha did something surprising.

She laughed.

She laughed and laughed and laughed, holding onto Demi's arms as her body rocked backwards and forwards with the motions. Demi simply stared at her in horror.

"Kesha!" She cried, afraid that her cousin really had gone mad. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine," she spluttered. "It's not really funny. It's not. It's just that, we've spent so long arguing and crying over each other but neither of us really knew why!"

For a moment Demi was mad. Mad at Kesha for laughing when they were hurting so badly.

But then she thought about it. She thought about all the crap they had both been through. She thought about all the tears. All the screaming. All the 'I-hate-you's. But it had brought them to here, in each others arms. And they finally understood each other. They were finally on the same page.

So Demi laughed to.

She cuddled Kesha close to her chest and laughed alone with her like everything was right in the world. And for that moment at least, it was.

Once they had calmed down, Vicki came back in carrying tea and cook. She handed them out before sitting down opposite them.

"So what are we go to do?" She asked matter-of-factly. "Don't you have to be in court tomorrow?"

"Yes." Demi confirmed.

Kesha bit her lip guiltily, knowing it was all her fault. She looked anxiously up at Demi, intertwining their fingers. Demi looked down at her and smiled comfortingly.

"But I know exactly what we're going to do. "

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