She Is My Alpha |Good Boy x Bad Girl |✔️ by Its_Just_A_Heart
She Is My Alpha |Good Boy x Bad Haseena Asan
❝She kills without second thought.❞ • Micajah's PoV: "Ah!" I shout out in pain, unable to hold it in any longer. I clutch my hand to my injured leg and cry ou...
  • alphagirl
  • girlpower
  • soulmates
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Perfect Illusion by claudiaoverhere
Perfect Illusionby ♛ Fire Breathing Bitch Queen ♛
Daniel Kerrington is a multimillionaire's son. He's got the whole package: blonde hair, piercing blue eyes.. killer lips. He's absolutely swoon-worthy. ...
  • love
  • humor
  • bad
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Part of Me (Trilogy) by writingtaurus
Part of Me (Trilogy)by adi rae
book 1 ✔︎ book 2 ✔︎ book 3 to be written PART OF ME - you become so emotionally close to someone that you feel like they are literally a part of you, like a half of your...
  • school
  • love
  • badboy
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Bad Girl In Disguise I ✔ by FineSarcasm
Bad Girl In Disguise I ✔by angiewu
{Highest Rank: #21 in Teen Fiction, #1 in Comedy, and #10 in HighSchool} ❝She spent her life hiding herself, desperately hoping she won't lose herself along the way.❞ Th...
  • romance
  • love
  • wattys2018
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Taken by Hawk by LemonNavyBlue
Taken by Hawkby Sunny
"This is our little charade game remember?" She nodded and watched as he walked away-her heart tore a little because she knows he'll never care, it's only busi...
  • wattys2015
  • egotistic
  • vineyard
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The Girl He Left Behind Trilogy by TahliePurvis
The Girl He Left Behind Trilogyby Tahlie
[BOOK 3 ON HOLD| Book 1&2 complete] Stacey Williams had always loved Axel Teller. But he had paid her no mind. She wanted more than the meaningless flings th...
  • comingofage
  • teenfiction
  • nomorebullying
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This is (sort of) a Foolproof Plan | ✓ by nonfictionsim
This is (sort of) a Foolproof simeon
[Completed + Edition Three] Seventeen-year-old Harper Elliot has officially lost all of her chill. After being dumped by her 'high school sweetheart', for reasons unknow...
  • humor
  • love
  • nomorebullying
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Pretty Little Thing | ✓ by ImmortalSoul51
Pretty Little Thing | ✓by ImmortalSoul
[Highest ranking: #1 in Spiritual on 15/8/18] ••• "Why do you keep saving me?!" He screamed in her ears as he pushed her to the fence nearby, gripping her neck...
  • college
  • india
  • london
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Numb by drippings
Numbby `¸⁎ 𝐛𝐚𝐞𝐲𝐚 ⁎¸´
He wanted to break her. Unfortunately, one of her broken shards pierced into him.
  • suicide
  • recovery
  • wattys2018
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A Bet With The Devils by Pam-The-Lamb
A Bet With The Devilsby Pam-The-Lamb
Highest-ranking in Humor; #1 "They all eventually end up falling" Alex adds and I smirk. "Not me" "Are you saying you're not going to fall for...
  • comedy
  • nomorebullying
  • humor
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My Possessive Bully  by AshleyBoston12
My Possessive Bully by Ash
"What are you doing?! stop!" I scremed on top of my lungs. "Did you do this with him?" he gave a roar of rage. Is he jealous? Why? ...
  • marriage
  • disguised
  • romance
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Broken | Ongoing by lalawahm
Broken | Ongoingby Lala Wahm
Broken. That's we all are. Simply and utterly broken. And no matter how much we think we're fine, we're really not. And when we realize the truth, it is then too late. I...
  • truefriends
  • abuse
  • breakstereotypes
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Knockout Boys by ssh0le
Knockout Boysby @sshole
Not every kid starts high school in sophomore year. Then again, not every kid is a scrawny gay nerd named Rocky Apollo living in Bum Ass Nowhere, USA. Not every kid has...
  • lgbt
  • gay
  • nomorebullying
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Loving You (ManxMan) #Wattys2018 ✔ by -carmin
Loving You (ManxMan) #Wattys2018 ✔by Carrie
The one where the jock and the wallflower meet after six years. - Alfie really shouldn't have gone to the reuni...
  • freethelgbt
  • wattpride
  • lgbt
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Beautiful Disaster | ✔︎ by tisblanca
Beautiful Disaster | ✔︎by 👑 m a r t h a 👑
[Completed.] (12/24/16) Highest Rankings - #710 in Teen-Fiction & #30 in Short Story (7/29/17) for What's Hot List. The story of a broken boy and the un-average girl. e...
  • beautywithin
  • obsessivecompulsivedisorder
  • badboy
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How To Drown Colin McKinin |  by Chatachino
How To Drown Colin McKinin | by Mignon French
Colin McKinin; soccer star and playboy to whom's lucky-go nature and charming smile grew his popularity. But, even as Colin was surrounded by people there was the chilli...
  • wattys2018
  • stopslutshaming
  • familyproblems
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This Song Is For You by JessicaCMadden
This Song Is For Youby Jessica Madden
Casey Roland is dead. Tessa doesn't want to admit it, but she knows she is responsible for her best friend's death. With bullying her for the past several months, Tessa...
  • present
  • teenfiction
  • nomorebullying
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The Bad Boys Changed Me by BlackandBlue222
The Bad Boys Changed Meby BlackandBlue222
WARNING: THIS CONTAINS CRINGE!!! 😂 ***** "So that's why we're interested in you, and that deal we were talking about is this," Logan closed his eyes and we st...
  • shygirl
  • badboys
  • bullied
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Always ✔️ by TheEuphoricWriter
Always ✔️by ▪️◼️K◼️▪️
[Best: #20 in chicklit; #30 in Teen Fiction] [COMPLETED] Logan and I were the nerds of Whitney High but it's not like we cared. I was his other half and he was mine. ...
  • pretend
  • wattys2017
  • bestfriends
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The Badboy's Bullets by TheEuphoricWriter
The Badboy's Bulletsby ▪️◼️K◼️▪️
[Best: #9 in Action] **If you're an action lover, this book will surely not disappoint you!** Carlton Hargrave, a typical rich bad boy is haunted by his past. After bein...
  • bestfriends
  • lovetriangle
  • lovestory
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