Chapter Thirty-Five

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Kesha paced back down forth around Monica's apartment, unable to relax.

Her anxiety levels were running high and she felt afraid about what was happening at her house.

"Darling, relax. It's going to be fine," Monica sighed.

She couldn't count the number of times she had repeated those same words since Demi had left.

Kesha ignored her and carried and pacing. She knew that they would be back soon.

There was a knock at the door and Kesha jumped, fear gripping her.

She felt her anxiety gain control and she sprinted from the room.

Monica raised an eyebrow after her and opened the door, smiling at the people on the other side.

"Kesh, Samantha, Jackie and Dylan are here." Monica yelled before taking the crying baby out of her friends arms.

Kesha crept out sheepishly from her room, blushing slightly.

"I thought you were Demi..." She mumbled.

"No such luck, sorry." Samantha said, holding her arms out for a hug. Kesha obliged.

"Kesha?" a little voice said sweetly.

"Yeah, Jack?" Kesha replied, smiling down at the little girl.

"Have you got dolls here?" She asked. Jackie always played with Kesha's old Barbie's when she was over.

"They're at my house, not Monica's." Kesha replied. "There might still be some under the spare bed though, there used to be."

Jackie thanked her before skipping off, Monica had disappeared to put Dylan into the cot on one of the rooms.

Samantha was over so much with her siblings that it was almost like a second home.

"Hey, Kesh, the boys say hi. Especially Ryan," Samantha sang with a giggle.

Kesha hit her playfully, scowling to hide her embarrassment.

"What going on with you guys?" Samantha pushed.

"Nothing! We're just friends!" Kesha protested.

"But you like him!" Samantha laughed. "I know you do!"

"Do not!" Kesha cried, blushing. Samantha kept arguing that she did, ignoring Kesha's protests. "Samantha, stop!"

"Tell me the truth," Samantha insisted.

"Fine!" Kesha signed in defeat. "Here's the truth, I-"

Another knock at the door interrupted the convention. Kesha froze. Neither girl moved.

The knocking came again, slightly louder this time.

"I'll get it then!" Monica cried from the other room, appearing to open the door. "Seriously, guys!"

Demi stood beside Diana on the other side, their faces looked blank.

For a while nobody moved, they barely even breathed.

"I'm leaving, aren't I?" Kesha whispered finally. "I knew it..."

"No, baby girl. You're not leaving, we are." Demi explained.

Kesha stared at Demi, feeling as if her whole world was tumbling down over her.

"What?" She choked out.

"You're parents will let you stay if we go," Diana explained. "They'll telecommute."

Demi turned away from Kesha, tears beginning to flow freely down her face.

"What will you leaning achieve? It doesn't make sense!" Kesha cried angrily.

"What does it matter anyway?" Demi snapped back. "We both know you don't want us here! You hate us!"

Kesha didn't answer. She didn't know what to say.

"But you help me," she finally whispered.

"With what?" Demi pointed out. "I haven't helped you at all! I've helped thousands of fans, yet I couldn't help you! Now it's too late."

She stormed across the room, disappearing into a spare room without another word.

Diana sighed defeatedly. She knew how much Kesha meant to Demi.

"When do you have to leave?" Monica asked softly.

"By Monday at the latest," Diana replied. Then she too left the room, following her daughter.

"Something's not right," Kesha said miserably. "I just know it..."

"Let it go," Samantha advised. "It's over now, you got what you wanted."

Kesha felt tears prick her eyes. This wasn't what she had wanted at all!

At least, not anymore...

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