Demi stood anxiously waiting by the front door of Monica's house. Her foot tapped impatiently against the wooden floor - if you listened carefully you could make out the quick paced beat of Heart Attack.

She couldn't think what was taking them so long. They should've been there why now. Didn't they knew how much Demi needed to see them?

She felt sick with worry and knew exactly who she needed to see to ease it. The though of them being so close but not yet with her was torture. She felt almost dizzy thinking about it.

"Hey," a calming hand rested gently on her shoulder. "Don't worry, they'll be here soon. There's probably just traffic."

Demi turned around to face Samantha, forcing a smile onto her face. She nodded tightly, her whole body remaining rigid.

Samantha hated seeing Demi in that state, especially knowing what a rollercoaster the poor woman had been going through over the past few weeks. The poor woman had only come into the UK with the intention of babysitting her little cousin, who she thought would be happy to see her. But instead had been thrown into the mess that was Kesha's life. Full of tears, tantrums and tragedy. It was a lot of anybody to cope with.

Suddenly Samantha found herself doing something that surprised both her and Demi. She pulled Demi into a quick, brisk hug. Demi jumped in surprise but accepted it gratefully.

Samantha gave her a knowing smile after releasing the woman, before quietly walking away to give her some space. Demi watched her go, feeling the loneliness start to crawl in around her to fill the empty space.

"But not for long," Demi whispered to herself. "They'll be here soon..."

In reality they were there fifteen minutes later. Meaning that by the time they arrived, Demi was a nervous wreck. She felt herself jolt upright from her perch on the arm of the sofa when she heard the solum knock at the door.

Instinctively she looked over her shoulder for Monica or Samantha to come and open the door. This wasn't her house, she wanted to be polite. She soon realised that they weren't coming. The door was obviously for her. The girls were giving Demi some much needed space.

Slowly she went up to the door, turning the nob. The sight on the other side of it brought tears to her eyes. She felt herself go week at the knees.

"Hi, baby..."

"Hi, Momma," Demi choked back, stumbling blindly into her mother's arms.

She would have sobbed right there and then, had it not been for the worried face looking back up at her from behind Diana.

She smiled reassuringly at her baby sister, releasing her mum to give Maddie a tight hug. She let herself enjoy the feeling of Maddie in her arms again. Maddie made her feel strong, when she had been feeling so weak since coming to England.

Behind Maddie were more familiar faces. Dallas's warm, comforting one. Eddie's strong, reassuring one. And one more unexpected face. The teary-eyed, watery-smile of her best friend in the whole world, Selena Gomez.

"What, what are you doing here?" Demi asked, stunned, slowly releasing Maddie. Dallas and Eddie stepped aside to let the two friends embrace.

"Your mom called," Selena admitted, mumbling into Demi's hair. "She told me what happened. Demi, I'm so sorry."

For a while everyone remained silent, the air full of the unspoken words they were too afraid to voice. It made it feel heavy, weighing them all down like a huge boulder nobody could lift. It was the same feeling Demi had been carrying around on her shoulders since Kesha ran away. Except with one difference. Demi also had one other unbearable thought pushing down on her. It was all her fault.

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