Demi groaned as she felt Maria's lips explore her skin, her eyes fluttering closed at every touch. She wriggled as the other woman's fingers caught onto her own, holding her gently in place. Demi smiled into Maria's neck when she lent forwards and whispered gently into her ear.

For that moment, Demi forgot. Really forgot. She forgot the fear of not knowing where Kesha was. The shame of knowing she was the one who chased her away. The embarrassment if of what her family would think. She forgot everything except the voice, and hands, and the lips.

Suddenly their intimate moment was rudely interrupted by Demi's phone going off obnoxiously in the background. ​Maria groaned and pushed the monstrosity off of the bedside table with her foot in annoyance, causing Demi to giggle into the woman's lips. She then proceeded to carefully ease her off gently, biting Maria's bottom lip seductively as she did so.

"I should get that," she laughed softly.

"Ugh, do you have to?" Maria whined, shimmying off of Demi temporarily to allow her to pick up her phone from the floor. Demi nodded, smirking, answering the phone as Maria slipped onto her lap.

"DEMI! THANK GOD! HAVE YOU SEEN THE PAPERS?" A voice shreiked down the phone at her.

"Oh God... Sorry, what? Who is this?" Demi groaned, pulling the phone away from her cheek as the person screeched loudly at her.

"Demi it's Monica!" The person yelled, sounding hysterical.

It took a moment for Demi's brain to catch up. Monica... Monica... Did she even know a Monica?

"MONICA!" She suddenly cried, clasping the phone tightly. Kesha's friend Monica! Kesha's friend Monica, who was currently out looking for Kesha!

"Like I should be," she groaned inwardly. "How did I get so distracted?" She glanced at the woman sitting in her lap and felt a sinking feeling.

"Demi! The news! Have you seen it?" Monica pushed frantically.

Demi mumbled a pathetic 'no' hoping that Monica wouldn't push her for questions. There was no way she could tell her the truth. She wasn't exactly the woman's favourite person.

"Here, I'll read you the latest headline: 'Demi Lovato Kidnapper or Rescuer?' 'Demi Lovato's secret Aunt and Uncle released a statement early this morning, revealing that their only daughter has gone missing after wild allegations started by Lovato herself stating that they have been abusing their daughter for years without anybody noticing. The young girl was then so distraught that she ran away while the family were out on a shopping trip once the news reached her. Mr and Mrs Hart-Cooper claim that this behaviour is unlike their daughter and wish to have Miss Lovato investigated for kidnapping their daughter! Can you believe it, Demi!?" Monica raged. "You? A kidnapper? They've got to be joking!"

Demi felt her heart dropped to the out of her stomach, her face turned an ugly shade of green. She was going to be taken to court. For kidnapping her baby cousin. Who was lost somewhere, probably all alone.

Then Demi remembered Maria. She felt horrified with herself. What had she been thinking, running off with some woman, while the real love of her like, Kesha, was God knows where? Immature and selfish, that was what it was. Demi's whole body stiffened.

"I'm coming over," she said bluntly. "I should never have moved out of yours in the first place. I belong with all of you, looking for my baby. Not alone in some hotel. I'll be there as soon as I can."

"That's the Demi I know, and have grown to mildly tolerate!" Monica cheered. "Sam's already here. Her mum got back yesterday night to take care of her siblings and help hunt for Kesh. We'll be waiting for you. The cavalry is forming!" She cheered as she hung up the phone.

Demi couldn't even bring herself to smirk. She felt too sick. Too distraught. Silently she slipped out from underneath Maria and began packing up her things. Maria watched her open mouthed, her eyes glistening angrily.

"What? Don't I even get an explanation?" She snapped, glaring at Demi. Demi's head snapped her, as if suddenly properly remembering she was there. "Was that your girlfriend on the phone? Was I just a booty-call?"

"No! No!" Demi cried, horrified that somebody would ever think that of her. "That was my little cousin's friend, I was staying with her for a bit while I was in the UK. But things got too intense, I needed some space."

"And now you're going back..." Maria stated slowly. "Great..." Demi looked at her sadly, feeling gutted about having to hurt someone who she was having such a great time with. But she knew it would work. Not now. Now there was only room for one girl in her life.

She sighed, "it's my cousin. She's been missing for days now... I got so distracted with you, and I was having such a great time, that I forgot for a while where I need to be. But that little girl needs me, more than anybody. I have to go back..."

Maria forced a smile at her, standing up and helping Demi start packing where she had left off. Demi watched, a tear in her eye. She still felt butterflies when she looked at the beautiful woman. At her curves and eyes and lips.

"It's okay. I get it," Maria broke through her thoughts. "You have places you need to be. You're Demi Lovato. Of course you do."

"You can come with me!" Demi cried suddenly, clutching Maria's arm. But Maria sharply shook her head, a sad smile pressing against her lips.

"No, I can't. I've spent my whole life running from family drama, I can't go back into that now," she said. "Anyway, it sounds like you'll be pretty busy."

Then Maria lent forwards and gave Demi one last passionate kiss, full-on the lips. Demi blushed, her fingers trying to grab onto Maria's sleeves. To hold her there. To hold onto the last moment of bliss before all hell broke loose.

Once they pulled away, Maria shot Demi one last smirk before slipping slightly out of the room.

Demi watched her go with her mouth slightly open. Her lips still tingling from the kids. For a moment she couldn't move. Frozen in time.

But then her phone buzzed again.

See you around, Lovato. From, your bootycall.

Demi felt a grin spring onto her lips. Maybe it wasn't goodbye forever.

With a slightly spring in her step, Demi grabbed her belongings feeling ready to face the day.

Despite what it might hold.

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