Kesha held everything she needed in her arms, her eyes fixed out the window waiting for Demi. The seconds ticked by, feeling more like hours. Kesha felt the urgency and adrenaline pump through her body, the only thing still keeping her standing. But Demi didn't come.

What did come, was the blaring sirens of police cars. They sped down the road all in a line, their lights seeping into Kesha's room. They pulled up outside the house, skidding to a stop. The sound of voices soon sounded, but there was not knock at the door. Not yet anyway.

Kesha felt a scream build up in her throat. She stumbled towards the windows in horror. The sight scared her more than her parents ever had. Her hands rested gently on the windowsill for a moment, but she ripped her hands away -almost falling backwards - as if it had burnt her.

"No," she thought. "No way."

Demi had told.

Kesha started to cry, yelling the word 'no' over and over again. This couldn't be happening. Not to her. She thought she could trust Demi! Demi was supposed to be there no matter what! Demi wouldn't do this, surely she had realized the consequences? But she'd betrayed Kesha; hurt her when she promised she would never.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" She screamed, tearing at her own skin and stumbling around her room in a confused haze. "They're going to kill me. Oh god, they're going to kill me..." She repeated to herself over and over. "I hate you, Lovato. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. You've signed my death sentence. It's over..."

There was still no more noise from the police, but something worse was coming for Kesha instead at that moment. Something that had no mercy. Her parents.

"KESANDRA! GET YOUR WORTHLESS SELF OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!" Her mum screamed, bursting into the room with her dad close behind. They advanced on Kesha, who cowered back in fear. Her dad grabbed Kesha's hair, yanking her up so her feet were barely touching the floor. Kesha yelped like a wounded puppy, grasping at his leathery hands as she tried to prise him off of her.

"What. Did. You. Do." He spat, shaking her by her hair with each word. Kesha felt like her hair was being ripped out by the roots. She quietly thanked the lord that this was nothing she wasn't used to. This pain, these people, it was all just normal for her. This was, and always would be, her life. She realized that now. Demi wasn't going to come and save her. Where was Demi now, after all? Nowhere.

"Nothing, nothing I swear!" Kesha sobbed, struggling to get away. She looked down at the floor, refusing to look at the people she called her parents.

"LIAR!" Her mother bellowed. She felt a slap across her pale face; her mum.

"No, Mummy! Stop, stop!" Kesha screamed, trying to get away. "I didn't do anything!"

"WHO'VE YOU BEEN BLABBING TO, KESANDRA?" Her dad persisted, throwing her across the room. Kesha hit a wall but quickly pushed herself up onto her hands and knees. She crawled weakly into the corner of the room, curling up in a futile attempt of protection.

"NOBODY!" She screamed in response to the question her dad kept screaming at her. The answer clearly wasn't what they wanted and earned her a sharp kick in the ribs. "OUCH! DADDY, NO, STOP!"

"TELL ME BEFORE I KILL YOU!" He screamed, towering over her. "I SWEAR I'LL DO IT, KESANDRA!"

"I'LL PAY YOU," she yelled back through her tears. Anger surfaced now and she balled her hands up into fists. "DO YOU HEAR ME? I'LL FREAKING PAY YOU!

"Freak," her mother spat at her. Kesha just lay there sobbing, her short burst of anger had snatched all her energy out of her. She felt weak, pathetic...worthless. She felt her parents shoed feet tread on her, putting all their weight down. Her body crunched worryingly.

Kesha yelped in pain, feeling as if she were going to snap. She bit her cheeks in a futile attempt to shut in her cries. She willed herself not to crack, to protect Demi despite it all.

Suddenly, her screams of pain finally broke loose, coating the whole house in her agony.

"DEMI, IT WAS DEMI! DEMI DID IT, I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY!" Kesha screamed, cracking. There were knocks at the door now and yells from the police to open up. At the back of her mind, Kesha wondered what had taken them so long. But that really wasn't her main problem at that moment. Her parents seemed to have other concerns also; her.

"And who told Demi?" Her dad pushed, his voice dangerously low.

"Nobody," Kesha whimpered. "She worked it out on her own...I swear... She must have done. I never breathed a word," she choked out. Her voice was nothing more than a whisper now.

"Fine," her dad whispered darkly. "Now, get out."

"Out?" Kesha repeated in confusion.

"Yeah. We're not here. We're out as a family, shopping. We've been out all day. Go out the back. Run. Don't look back. Don't talk to anyone. Hide somewhere far away and out of sight. You don't come back until I say you come back. You got that?" He growled, towering over her. Kesha nodded and did just that.

She was up on her feet in seconds, pushing part her parents, sprinting down the stairs and pushing herself easily over the banister so she wouldn't be seen by anyone outside. They couldn't know she was in the house. If they did, it would damn them all. She shot out the back garden and crawled under the hedge. She ran through Samantha's back garden and then pulled herself over her side door. She landed easily on the balls of her feet before running again. Easy.

She ran, just like her father said, but she had no intention of going back...

Demi sat in a police car, her eyes fixed on her aunt and uncle's house. Kesha was in that horrible place. Soon she would be taken far away from here. Soon she would be safe. Or so Demi thought.

The police ended up forcing the front door open, as nobody would let them in and Demi had given them reason to believe that Kesha was in immediate danger. Soon there were inside and searching the house.

No one was home.

This confused the officers and one went to the car to see Demi. They didn't think that Demi would have lied, but it was a distinct possibility that she may have overreacted and let her emotions towards the girl get the better of her.

"Miss Lovato, are you sure that the girl is here?" An officer asked Demi. "The house is completely empty."

"Yes, I'm sure! She must be there," Demi protested. Fear settled in the pit of her stomach, making her feel sick. "Are you sure you looked everywhere?"

"Nobody's home," the officer confirmed. Demi felt dread sink in too, mixing sickeningly with her fears and anxiety. "There's no sign of the girl or her parents.

"But where's Kesha? She must be there!" Demi cried, horrified. "We have to find her! They would be hurting her right now! Do something!"

"Sorry, Miss. We'll try again later, but with just a couple of officers. There's nothing we can do now," the officer said. "Everything seems fine."

"But we can't just leave her with those people, they're hurting her!" Demi cried, trying to get out of the car.

"You have no proof of that, there's nothing else we can do. I'm sorry, Miss Lovato..." With that, the officer walked away. Demi sighed in frustration and stormed out of the car. The officers looked up in alarm at her departure.

"Excuse me! Miss Lovato! We still need you for-" Another officer yelled after her.

"No, I'm done with you people! I'm going to find my baby cousin and I'm going to fix this myself!" She yelled, cursing at them as she stormed away. Anger over powered her and she left the police in her dust. Fat lot of help they had been! Now Kesha wasn't only in an abusive household, she was lost.

"Oh, baby girl, where are you?" She thought, tears pricking her eyes. She clutched her hand to her heart in a futile attempt to stop herself from shaking. She had no idea what she was supposed to do. She didn't know this neighbourhood; she didn't even really know Kesha!

So where could she possibly be?

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