"Hey there baby girl," a young nine year old girl said softly to the little three year old toddler who was sitting quietly in front of her. "Let's wipe away those tears, okay?" The little honey-blond haired girl nodded and cuddled into the bigger, brown haired girl. A comfortable silence fell over them, creating the sense of the world finally being calm. But of course, it wasn't.

"Demetria," a voice yelled angrily. "Bring Kesandra over here NOW! We need to go or we'll miss our plane back to England!"

Demi clutched Kesandra a little tighter and pulled her closer to her. She didn't want to let her go, even for a minute. Even though the girls were used to Kesandra having to leave, this time felt different. This time felt permanent.

"Don't worry baby girl, I'll come and get you someday. I'll save you," Demi vowed, as she picked the child up and started to carry her towards the voice. "And I promise to call you everyday until then too!" She tried to make her voice sound grownup, like her mother's, so that the younger girl would believe her.

"No Demi," sobbed Kesandra. Her cute British accent filling Demi's ears. "Please don't let them take me away! I don't want to go with Mummy and Daddy. I want to stay with you! PLEASE Dem-Dem, please!" Demi rubbed Kesandra's back and closed her eyes tightly, forcing back tears.

"Shhh Kessie, its okay. Please don't cry baby girl," she almost whispered. Her Texas accent clashed a little against Kesandra's soft British one, but neither of them ever noticed. They were to used to it by now.

All of a sudden Kesandra's crying stopped short, and then so did Demi's. In front of them stood Kesandra's sullen looking parents...

Her mum snatched the girl out of Demi's arms and turned towards their car, which was already ready to go.

"Goodbye Demetria," they both said abruptly. Then they looked behind her and said goodbye to another young girl behind Demi, and the little baby girl she was holding. "Goodbye Dallas, goodbye Madison."

"Goodbye Aunty Meggie, goodbye Uncle Sammy..." Dallas and Demi replied stiffly, not making eye contact.

"Bye-bye Kessie." Demi added softly and kissed Kesandra lightly on the cheek. Kesandra whimpered miserably before answering.

"Bye-bye Dem-Dem," she mumbled miserably. "Bye-bye Dallie, bye-bye Mad-Mad..." Demi and Dallas brushed away tears, both trying to be strong for their baby cousin.

Dallas and Demi's parents appeared and went over to them. They looked tense and angry, although not at each other. In fact, it almost looked like their mother had been crying.

"Bye-bye Kessie," Dallas said and kissed her forehead. She also held out Madison so that Kesandra could say goodbye to her too, as Madison was only a baby.

Dallas was fourteen, making her the oldest. Kesandra had always looked up to Dallas and saw her as a mother figure, she didn't see any adults in that way though. Adults had faults - even her beloved aunt and uncle - but, in her eyes, Dallas and Demi were perfect in every way and had no faults.

Demi was Kesandra's roll model, all she wanted was to make Demi proud of her. That was it. She had even wished for that on her birthday, when she had blown out her candles.

Meggie put Kesandra into the car, only just giving her enough time to say goodbye to her aunt and uncle too.

"Bye-bye Aunty Dianna, bye-bye Uncle Eddie..." She called out as the car door shut.

"Bye-bye," they called and gave Kesandra a sad little wave. Kesandra waved sadly too, but it was cute so they all managed a small smile.

"Meggie," Dianna said as her sister slammed the door. "Don't do this to that poor little girl. Don't take her away again. She loves it here, anyone can see that! Let her stay."

"No," Meg snapped furiously. "She's my daughter, you have your own! I know you think I'm a terrible Mother, but you're definitely worse! What with all your...problems! It'll be a miracle if those girls turn out even remotely normal! I'm not having my child surrounded by you crazy people anymore! She's coming home with us now, and we will not be coming back!"

"But Meg, you don't even want her!" Dianna yelled. "You know you don't! Won't you even come back for holidays? We're you FAMILY Meg!" But she was completely ignored by her sister. Megan Kathleen Hart-Copper and Samuel John Hart-Cooper drove away, with little Kesandra Leonna Hart-Cooper strapped miserably in the back seat.

"Mom?" Demi asked quietly as the car drove away. "Why can't Kessie stay? She needs us. Won't she ever come back?" Dianna didn't answer and turned back towards the house.

Demi watched her family start to walk away, but she stayed. "I'll never leave you," she whispered. "I promise I'll find you and get you back as soon as I can. Even if I can't ever find or help you, I swear I'll help every other girl who needs me to make up for it! I'll make it up to you for letting them take you away, baby girl. Just you wait and see. Wait for me Kessie, and I'll find you..."

Kesandra watched the people she loved get smaller and smaller as the car drove away. Tears filled her greeny-blue eyes as Demi disappeared from view.

As the days went by Kesandra waited by the phone for Demi to call, just like Demi had promised she would. Demi usually did after a visit! But this time it was different, no call came.

After weeks of waiting, Kesandra's heart turned stone cold and she vowed never to wait for anyone ever again.

"It's every girl for herself," she said as she stormed away from the phone for the last time. "Kessie waits for nobody!" She went upstairs and ripped holes in her jeans, scuffed up all her trainers, and ruffled up her hair. She looked in her mother's mirror at the new her. "I'm not Kesandra Leonna Hart-Cooper anymore," she said sternly. "I'm not even Demi's baby girl Kessie anymore. Now I'm... Kesha Lee H-Coop! I'll change my name as soon as I'm big enough!"

The little three year old grew up fast that day, she wasn't little miss perfect anymore. Now she slowly becoming a little rebel...

A few years went by and Kesha's hair became jagged and messy, she nearly always added multicoloured hair accessories in too. She always wore ripped jeans and t-shirts that were a little too big. They were nearly always black and red these days. She would also never go anywhere without an oversized plain black hoody, that was either on her or around her waist. It was rather scruffy and old by now, but that didn't matter to Kesha. This hoody was special because it was an old one of Demi's and it had probably even belonged to Dallas at some point too! Not that Kesha would ever admit that was why she wore it.

This was all happening when Kesha was only seven years old.

When she was ten years old Kesha started doing something much, much worse than wearing multicoloured hair accessories. And it was something Demi had involuntarily taught her. Nobody knew this dark secret that she had now developed. There wasn't anybody to tell and nobody to notice, leaving Kesha to struggle on all alone as usual.

Years went by and no Demi appeared, meaning Kesha was still all alone. She had learnt valuable lessons for the cousin that was never there. And she could cope alone. However, little did she know that everything was about to get a whole lot more complicated...

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