Kesha woke up in the night. It was pitch black; so dark she couldn't even see her hand when it was right in front of her face. She had never been scared of the dark, but - in her state of exhaustion, dehydration, hunger and fear - now she was. She felt the panic creeping up her spine, making her quiver. Her eyes darted around the darkness in confusion. She had no idea where she was and her mind was too confused to piece together what had happened before sleep had pulled her away.

Suddenly, something happened that caused Kesha to scream. It was an ear splitting scream that filled every corner of this black world, shattering the silence. Kesha had felt somebody move beside her. An arm had snaked its way around her waist, a snake suffocating her.

"Hey, hey!" A voice cried somewhere from the darkness, barely audible through the screaming. "HEY!" The voice yelled louder, trying to beat the screams in a battle of volume. "IT'S ALRIGHT, KESHA!" Kesha's screaming began to get quieter then as she clung onto the voice. "It's me..." The voice soothed, pulling Kesha close to her and stroking her hair. "It's Vicki... Shh, it's alright, baby. I've got you, I'm here now..."

Kesha gripped the neck of Vicki's top, crying into her chest. She didn't know why she was crying anymore, but she didn't care. She just wanted to cry until everything just went away. Everything except Vicki.

Soon Kesha did stop crying, her sobs becoming soft sniffs. Vicki just held her patiently, letting her cry. She didn't release Kesha, not even for a second.

"All better?" She asked softly. Kesha shook her head, burying it in Vicki's chest. "No? Why's that, darling?" Kesha shrugged and mumbled something incoherent. "Kesha, honey, I can't hear you."

"I didn't know where I was," she whispered fearfully. "I forgot..." Vicki squeezed Kesha comfortingly. It was hard to imagine that this vulnerable, scared little girl was actually fifteen.

"That's alright," she soothed. "You've been through a lot, it's not your fault. What's the last thing you remember?"

"You." Kesha whispered, curling up tighter in Vicki's arms. Vicki sat up a little in response and pulled Kesha onto her lap, never releasing her tight grip on the shaking girl. "I was having a panic attack and you made it all better.

Vicki felt a warm feeling wash over her at that. She had made this little girls life better? That was unbelievable.

"I made it better?" She asked touched. Kesha nodded, nuzzling into her. "Shall I tell you what happened after that?" Again Kesha nodded. "You cried yourself to sleep in my arms. I stayed sitting with you for a while but it was getting late, or early I should say. I tried to put you down in the spare bed, but you cried whenever I tried to let you go. Then I decided to just take you to bed with me. I lay you down beside me and you were quiet and stayed peacefully asleep." Vicki stopped and clicked on her phone then, looking at her phone. "It's almost five in the morning, so you slept about two proper hours in the end."

"Really? That's a lot!" Kesha mumbled in surprise, her voice still thick with sleep.

"A lot?" Vicki asked in shock. "Kesha, that's barely anything!" Kesha shrugged nervously, twiddling her fingers in the darkness.

"He didn't let me sleep much. I always cried, you see... He hated that. She did too," Kesha explained. Her voice was silent like she was telling a dark secret. Little did Vicki know, she was.

"Who are these people?" Vicki asked, concerned. She had a feeling that she was only getting so much out of Kesha because she was still half asleep. She needed to find out as much as possible while she still could.

"I-I-I can't t-tell you," Kesha stuttered. "It's a secret, I'm not allowed to tell anybody. I told D-d-demi some stuff and she worked stuff out, that's why it all h-happened!" Vicki heard the panic building up in Kesha's voice again, but this time she pushed on. She needed answers is she was ever going to help this girl.

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