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Kesha was out of hospital by the end of the week. She had an appointment to see a therapist but she knew she wasn't going to go, it wasn't like her parents were going to make her anyway.

She hadn't seen Demi since the day Demi had stormed out to "find evidence", she had no idea where her cousin had disappeared off to. It gave her an uneasy feeling.

Demi had spent her time knocking on the doors of all Kesha's neighbors, speaking to all her teachers, students at school and her friends. So far only two people had been helpful; Keslie and Jackie.

It turned out, both girls were very observant. Jackie saw Kesha being screamed at or hit by her parents through her bedroom window. Keslie had read through Kesha's phone once, after taking it as a dare. Kesha wasn't allowed a password so her parents could get access to it, making it easy for Keslie to look at anything she liked. After reading hate message after hate message from Kesha's own parents, she had slipped the phone back - loosing the dare, but preserving Kesha's secret.

Her parents abused her.

Kesha lay curled up in a ball under her bed, clutching into herself slightly and silently crying.

Her parents hadn't let her leave the house since she had left the hospital. They said it was because she was a disgrace.

Kesha missed her friends so much it physically hurt. It was safe with them, it wasn't safe here. Then there was Demi...

The person who used to be her hero. Her knight in shining armour. Her hope.

"But you had to go and hurt her, didn't you?" Kesha's demons sneered mockingly.

"She hurt me first," Kesha growled back. "A lot."

"Oh get over yourself! She loves you and you ruined it! Now she's going to leave you here. They're all going to leave you!" They carried on, becoming increasingly louder. "And you know who's fault that is?"

"Yeah..." Kesha choked out. "Mine..."

Her demons began to almost cheer at that. She admitted defeat, becoming limp and letting them all scream in her head.

Soon she couldn't make out any words, it was all just noise. Noise that was slowly driving her insane.

Kesha's own voice had slipped away, buried under a blanket of screams. But one word stayed dancing around her mind. One word that kept her from tearing her hair out in a bid to break free.


After hours of laying like that, Kesha finally began to stir. She slowly shuffled out from under her bed towards her phone.

To Demi - Save me...

Demi stared at the unknown number at her phone. She knew it was the same one that had text her before, but it had been a while since the person had said anything.

Demi thought about what her reply should be. She didn't even know this person! Even if she wanted to save them, how could she? It could also just be some dumb joke - although not a very funny one.

From Demi - How?

She replied finally. Someone might really need help, nothing else should matter.

Her fingers switched restlessly as she waited for a reply, hoping for the name of her stranger.

To Demi - Come.

"Come?" Demi said aloud in surprise. "Come where?" She quickly text this to the person.

Putting my defenses up,
'Cause I don't wanna fall in love,
If I ever did that,
I think I'd have a heart attack.

The lyrics to Heart Attack began blasting loudly from Demi's phone.

"Me?" Demi cried in shock, looking around as if she was expecting to see herself standing there singing.

Suddenly she looked down at her phone, realization slowly dawning on her.

"Oh, me!" She laughed, answering the call hurriedly. "Hello, Stupid Lovato here."

She laughed easily down the phone, expecting it to be Marissa or a family member. She hadn't bothered looking at the ID.

Her laughter was cut short when she heard the quiet sobs on the other end.

"Hey, who is this? Are you okay, sweetie?" She asked worriedly.

"D-d-demi? You're coming, right?" The voice pleaded.

"Listen, sweetie, I don't think I can. I mean I don't know anything about you and-" Demi was cut off by the voice.

"Yes you do, you know everything about me. It's Kesha," Kesha whispered.

"Kesha," Demi breathed. "Oh, baby... What happened?"

"Demi, I have some stuff to tell you." Kesha whispered. Her voice cracked, exposing the pain she was really in.

"My-my parents-" She stuttered, desperately trying to get out the words. "They-they..."

"Baby girl, do they abuse you?" Demi asked softly, clutching her phone. The cry from Kesha's lips at the word 'abuse' was all Demi needed. "Baby, I'm coming to get you. Pack your things, I'll be there in ten."

"Pack? But, Demi-" Kesha began, her voice still weak.

"Trust me, okay? I'm going to fix this, baby girl. Just hang in there..." Demi said gently before hanging up.

Kesha grabbed her red and black backpack and began shoving all her most important things in it, a pair of pyjamas, some clothes and underwear. Last she shoved in her blades. Done.

Now all she had to do was wait for Demi to rescue her...

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