After Curfew by SlytherinAfff
After Curfewby SlytherinAfff
Willow's always been known as the good girl with the wealthy parents who could do no wrong. Little do they know that this seemingly perfect girl has some less than perfe...
  • psycho
  • badboy
  • badgirl
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Loving Bad - Loving Bad #1 (Sample of Published Book) by ReganUre
Loving Bad - Loving Bad #1 ( Regan Ure
The good girl falls for the bad boy. But what if there is more to Sin Carter than a bad attitude, tattoos and piercings? And what if there is more to Taylor Price than t...
  • badass
  • truelove
  • romance
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Little Miss Drug Dealer by xxmils
Little Miss Drug Dealerby マリーナ
Ava Daniels is beautiful, smart, talented, and the valedictorian of her graduating class, she may seem like the perfect little socialite but she harbors a deadly double...
  • teenfiction
  • girl
  • fiction
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Leather Kisses by writexmusic
Leather Kissesby Jacqueline Michelle
On the outside, Riley Jennings has got it under control. She's the top of the class, ivy-league bound, and plans to go far in life. But nobody knows the dark secret that...
  • abuse
  • badboy
  • gangs
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The Pureblood Princess | Sirius Black by marauder-love
The Pureblood Princess | Sirius Grace
Adelaide Fawley, a member of the sacred 28, was widely known as The Pureblood Princess, a name she personally detested. As the heiress to the Most Nobel and Ancient Hous...
  • alternateuniverse
  • werewolf
  • regulusblack
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Bargain with the Rebel Heartbreaker by VixenneAnne
Bargain with the Rebel Heartbreakerby Mean_Vee
Arch. Isabel Funtalva will stop at nothing to fulfill her ambitions. Even if she has to bargain her body and soul to the rebel heart breaker.
  • teenfiction
  • princeofhell
  • heartbreaker
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Clarity by lollitagirl21
Clarityby αɴɢie
When young Hartley Campbell realizes her parents spend her University money she is livid. They had one job... to save the money her grandfather left for her to attend Ha...
  • newadult
  • rebel
  • featured
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The Rebel~ Eric (divergent) by jas774
The Rebel~ Eric (divergent)by jas774
Clary king. Abnegation born, but she didn't exactly fit in there. She was always doing crazy stunts, always trying to make people know who she is, always loud and sarcas...
  • dauntless
  • love
  • jaicourtney
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Rejected By My Alpha *COMPLETED* by bootswitdafur
Rejected By My Alpha *COMPLETED*by bootswitdafur
THIS STORY IS TRASH SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Kalani Prince is a 5'5 diva. Shes fun, sarcastic, gorgeous, nice... everyone loves her.... well most do. She keeps to her...
  • rejection
  • pretty
  • alpha
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The Rebel Prince (The Season Series #3) by MissKatey
The Rebel Prince (The Season Kate
Forced to sail to the sun-drenched kingdom of Ardalone to fulfill a marriage alliance, Prince Thomas of Pretania must choose one of the Ardalonian princesses to be his w...
  • romance
  • royal
  • historicalfiction
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Rebel Beam by phoenixforever03
Rebel Beamby phoenixforever03
Beam is a rebellious teenager and Forth is the Student Council President. They attract each other despite being poles apart. I first published this story as part of Fort...
  • tae
  • forth
  • shots
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Sealed by fiftyslays
Sealedby Kourtney
Coming off a 5 year deployment in Iraq, Na'im Parker is coming home. Things are different for him when he comes home to his family. His mind, psyche & ideas have shifted...
  • love
  • heartbreak
  • africanamerican
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His by libra_babe101
Hisby libra_babe101
She was lonely She wanted someone to calm the storm inside. She had waited for him for over 300 years. And when she finally found him... She wanted to be(kinda)..... H...
  • good
  • goddess
  • mate
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Control The Beat ((Book #1)) by CailinSpraoi
Control The Beat ((Book #1))by Cailín™
May Riley was trouble. Her parents knew it, her friends knew it, hell even she knew it! They all said she cared about nothing. That she needed to learn some self c...
  • chicklit
  • humor
  • music
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Delicate// Liam Stewart // The Darkest Minds by -BaeBee-
Delicate// Liam Stewart // The -BaeBee-
Based off the MOVIE long description inside?Does included some book references here and there?
  • love
  • rebel
  • zu
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RUIN » Young Leonardo DiCaprio by k-martxriver
RUIN » Young Leonardo DiCaprioby Rio🥀
Sometimes the troublemaker isn't always who he seems. Achievements: #1 in 80s #1 in Leonardo DiCaprio #2 in 90s
  • romance
  • ff
  • leodicaprio
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The Boy with Bad Habits by blackcatbri
The Boy with Bad Habitsby the gloom girl
[Warning: this book contains SEXUAL content, crude language, drug use & abusive scenarios. If you aren't mature enough to read, don't.] First novel, don't judge. He did...
  • happiness
  • badboy
  • heartbreaker
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Street Punks X Fem Street Punks - One Shots by HimeOfShyness
Street Punks X Fem Street Hime👑Shy
Quick, Rouge, Ghoul and MM accidentally went through a portal which lead them to a world of opposite gender. They meet their boy counterparts, the Street Punks, in a bat...
  • swift
  • femstreetpunks
  • femrebel
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What The Heart Remembers - The Heart #2 by ReganUre
What The Heart Remembers - The Regan Ure
Finding true love happens once in a lifetime. I found it, I touched it and I breathed it. For a brief moment in time I held the girl I loved in my arms. But her memories...
  • teenlove
  • love
  • adult
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Keep The Beat ((Book #2)) by CailinSpraoi
Keep The Beat ((Book #2))by Cailín™
#2 IN THE BEAT SERIES: May Riley was still trouble. Everyone knew it, and everyone expected it. After her summer at Camp Step Up The Beat, May learned to embrace h...
  • savealife
  • romance
  • may
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