Chapter Nine

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"Kesha... What's this?"

"My stomach," Kesha replied nervously in a her best 'duh-isn't-it-obvious' voice.

"Kesha, I can feel bumps all over you!" Demi said softly.

Kesha rolled her eyes dramatically at Demi, who was now holding her out at arms length, and searching her features for answers.

"Yeah, they're call bones Demi. Everyone has them," she said.

Suddenly, Demi wanted to shake Kesha.

"No Kesha, not like this!" She almost screamed. "Lift up your top!"

"Wow Demi, a little eager are we?" Kesha teased. But the look Demi gave her soon wiped the smile off her face.

"No," she said defiantly. "I won't."

Demi sighed and quickly grabbed her top, easily tossing it off.

Kesha screamed as loudly as she could and struggled to hide herself.

Demi winced at the scream, giving Kesha the chance to run.

"Kesha, wait!" Demi yelled.

"No! Don't look at me, don't look at me, don't look at me!" Kesha screamed, covering her ears and scrunching her eyes up as she ran.

Somehow, Kesha made it all the way out of her house and into the back garden.

She quickly caught Misty and straddled him bear-back, kicking him into action.

She was out there for at least ten minutes before she heard a familiar voice.

"I think you forgot something when you got dressed this morning," the voice teased.

Kesha turned around and grinned, happy to see Ryan leaning against the fence watching her.

"Well at least I got as far as getting a bra on, right?" She joked, winking.

"I'd prefer it off," Ryan chuckled. Kesha stuck her tongue out at him.

"You promised to tell me about why your cousin's staying here," he added.

Ryan, Samantha, Richard and Jackie all knew that Demi Lovato was Kesha's cousin, but that was all they knew.

They only knew because Kesha had to tell the boys after they saw her yesterday and the girls knew because Samantha couldn't babysit.

"Babysitting," Kesha said as she rode further away from Ryan.

"Yeah, but why her? You hate her," he pointed out.

"Nobody else could do it," Kesha signed. "She won't stay long though. I'll see to that..."

Ryan sensibly let the topic drop then and just watched Kesha ride, squinting to see her properly.

"Hey, stop riding away from me!" He called out, wanting her to come closer.

"One second," she replied and rode Misty into his stable.

She soon reappeared with a stable blanket wrapped around her tiny body.

Kesha then rode Mist back over to Ryan and dismounted him.

"I liked you better without the blanket," Ryan teased.

"Well I was cold," Kesha shot back. Ryan simply shrugged and stepped closer to her.

"I could have done something about that," he mumbled and began to lean in towards her...

"STOP RIGHT THERE YOU TWO," a furious voice cried. "Kesha, inside NOW! We need to talk!"

Demi dragged a kicking and screaming Kesha back into the house, much to Kesha's horror.

"DEMETRIA DEVONNE LOVATO! LET. ME. GO!" She screamed before letting out a stream of curse words.

"Don't cuss," Demi scowled angrily.

"It's curse and I bet you anything that you do!" Kesha spat back.

Demi refused to dignify that with a response.

Once they were in the kitchen, Demi backed Kesha up into a corner so that she couldn't run away again and ripped off the blanket.

"NO DEMI! STOP IT, PLEASE! DEMI, PLEASE! DON'T LOOK AT ME DEMI, DON'T LOOK!" Kesha screamed and began trying to pull herself onto the kitchen side, desperate to get away.

Tears were streaming down her face as she became hysterical, screaming and screaming.

Demi felt tears begin to trickle down her face too.

"Kess- Kesha," she said softly and reached out to her.


"Oh baby girl," Demi whispered and let herself cry.

Kesha was clearly more than a little shattered...

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