Samantha disappeared to make Demi some tea, leaving her alone with Jackie and Dylan.

"I saw you the other day," Jackie said and glanced up at her. "You were looking for Kesha.

"That's right," Demi nodded. She crouched down to the little girls level. "Why are you looking after your baby brother, sweetie?"

"Daddy's at the war again and my Mummys away on business," Jackie answered. "She only looks after us sometimes, because of work. She is mostly home when Samantha and Daddy are both away though."

Demi felt her heart go out to this poor little girl, who clearly had to grow up too quickly.

The conversation finished then, because Samantha had reappeared.

"I'm guessing you just found out what monsters Meg and Sam are," she said smartly. Demi nodded, surprised that Samantha knew how mean they were.

"I've spotted Kesh running out of her house more times than I can count," Samantha sighed.

"It's that bad?" Demi asked, now feeling physically sick with worry.

"I don't know really... I've never actually seen anything," Samantha answered. "Its hard to tell. Kesha's so secretive, poor thing. She really doesn't trust anyone!"

Demi sighed and let tears prick her eyes, she hated this.

"Why?" She finally whispered, her voice coming out shaky. "Do you know why?"

"She's never directly said anything," Samantha said carefully. "It's not really my place to say anyway..."

Demi was about to answer when her phone went off. She answered it quickly, leaving the room to take the call.

She was back after a moment, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

"That was my management team," she said happily. "Looks like I'm going to be around for a while!"

Samantha gave her a confused look, quickly asking her what she meant.

"European tour here I come!" Demi yelled in answer, pulling her arms in the air. "Kesha can't avoid me now!"

Worry filled Samantha's face, it was mirrored by Jackie too.

"What's up guys? Isn't this a good thing? It will be so much easier to help her while I'm here," Demi pointed out.

"You're going to get Kesha into trouble if you don't leave," Jackie said sadly.

"I will not!" Demi defended herself quickly, a little offended.

"She's right, Demi." Samantha interjected. "You probably will..."

Demi frowned, still confused. How would her staying get Kesha into trouble?

This trip was becoming much more confusing than she had originally planned...

*** *** *** ***

I'm really sorry it's short and really bad :( Thank you for reading it, I really appreciate it <3

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