63: Prom

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Why don't I have friends that can do my makeup for me? she wonders as she attempts to put on eyeliner by herself. 

She does her makeup first, using mascara, eye liner, lip gloss, and blush. She then curls her hair in large spirals that bounce just below her shoulders. Lastly, she puts on her dress, and checks herself out in the mirror. 

She feels pretty. 

She stares at herself, loving her reflection, until the doorbell rings. 

"Shall we?" Adrian asks, wearing a tuxedo and his hair done in a comb over. He offers her his arm. 

"We shall," she smiles, taking it. 

They walk into the room, holding hands. They waste no time getting onto the dance floor, where an upbeat song plays. They pretend they know how to dance, jumping around shamelessly. 

They laugh. They talk. They have a great time, daring each other to drink the terrible punch and stuffing their faces with cookies, then dancing around again.

She loves life. She doesn't think about anything else that entire night as they dance, sing, and laugh. She wishes she could feel this exuberant all the time. 

As the night wears on, they get more and more tired. By the fifth song, they're out of breath. 

As if the DJ knows that's what was going to happen to every pair there, a slow song comes on next. 

All around them, the couples are joining hands and swaying to the beat. Autumn still feels a little strange about the whole thing, how he was like a brother to her and was now at the senior prom with him. Adrian clearly doesn't feel weird about it, as he takes her hand and her waist in his hands. Her face blushing hard, she puts her hand on his shoulder, and they step to the rhythm of the music. 

At midnight, the music stops and the doors open for them to leave whenever they wish to. 

"I had a wonderful time," Autumn says as they emerge into the cool night air.

"Me too," he says, and they walk hand-in-hand together to their homes. 

The cool April wind pricks at their faces as they walk, Autumn's dress fluttering behind her and Adrian's hair not so good-looking anymore. 

Adrian stops on the corner before he has to leave. Autumn stares into his eyes. "What is it?"

He doesn't answer. He moves his hand from hers and places it hesitantly on her waist. Chills run up her spine. 

He locks eyes with her, and she bites her lip. He slowly leans in, his eyes relaxing until they are closed. 

His nose is inches away from hers when she puts a finger on his lips. His eyes open. 

"I... sorry," he says, pulling away and blushing furiously. 

"It's okay," she says nonchalantly, even though she is very chalant. "Um, just friends, okay?"

"I, uh, yeah," he says, not looking in her direction. "Friends. Right,"

He puts his hands in his pockets and they keep walking. He turns onto his driveway, looking back at her once. She waves, but he doesn't see her. He saunters to his front door and lets himself in. 

She starts to regret not kissing him. Why not? What's wrong with you? You're dating him, but won't kiss him?

You aren't dating him, another part of her argues. It's just prom. It's something friends can go to, too. To have fun if they have no date. 


She walks with her head down, not sure how she feels about Adrian anymore. 

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