The Older Guy by HappyReject
The Older Guyby HappyReject
Love can be found in the most unexpected places. Really, sometimes it just catches you off guard and leaves you asking "What in the hell?" But sometimes that '...
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How To Treat A Princess by Ciela126
How To Treat A Princessby Ciela
Sometimes, every girl needs that one special person to make her feel like a princess... As for me, it all started with a list. No, not a hit list. A princess expectatio...
  • adventure
  • fiction
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Best Mature Romance Books by LovelyBooksReader
Best Mature Romance Booksby Red
Here you'll find list of Best Mature Romance Books on Wattpad. All books in the list are really good in my opinion. I hope here you'll find new books, which you would l...
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tag, you're it | ZACH HERRON 2 by PEACHYYAVERY
tag, you're it | ZACH HERRON 2by - Ꮯ🥀
❝ it's been a few months since you've been gone ❞ in which he has to complete a list to find his best friend and lover ⸰ ° ‣ ⸰ ° ‣ ⸰ ° ‣ ⸰ ° ‣ G R E Y
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101 Cute Things Boys Say! by CrazyReaderWriter
101 Cute Things Boys Say!by CrazyReaderWriter
Just some really cute things boys say. This is mainly for girls but if some boy decides to read, then don't forget to say them to your girl/crush etc.! **Also contains...
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Here Comes the Sun (Book 1) | ✓ by shatteredcrowns
Here Comes the Sun (Book 1) | ✓by c.
A girl and guy with their own set of complications fall in love when she kisses him in Times Square. Cover: @Flieur Trailer: @metropolis- Copyright © 2012 Ca...
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Never Have I Ever (One Last Time # 1) (Wattys2017) by ChasingMadness24
Never Have I Ever (One Last Time Kyra Blackthorn
"It's your last few months before college, do you really expect to leave here without living?" Olivia and Oliver Scott, as opposite as twins can get. Oliver...
  • teen
  • wattys2017
  • nhie
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Anna Weasley(Harry Potter Love Story) by Gamingwritergirl
Anna Weasley(Harry Potter Love Nobody
Anna Weasley is the only girl child of Molly and Arthur Weasley. She is the youngest child, and when her and her twin brother, Ron got to HogWarts, they meet Harry Potte...
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The No Kiss List by BryanaMolina
The No Kiss Listby BryanaMolina
Maya Hathaway was different. Not because she only had two friends, had a freakish obsession with young Leonardo DiCaprio, and on every Sunday morning she never never mis...
  • kiss
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Chinese Bl list by salawolf26
Chinese Bl listby silverwolf26
Hello everyone I hope you like this one it is going to have a list of Chinese BL just like my Thai bl list. It will be a slow process maybe idk yet I might post 4 a d...
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The Best Completed BoyxBoy Stories by miss_lovelya
The Best Completed BoyxBoy Storiesby Lovely
Basically a book full of my favorite BoyxBoy stories please read Some books can be deleted at anytime so if you don't find them when you search the book or the author t...
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Mature One-Shot Collection by ProjectMature
Mature One-Shot Collectionby ProjectMature
This book will contain a list of the best mature one-shots on Wattpad.
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My Super Life (Terminada) by Mirandavar
My Super Life (Terminada)by MirandaVargas
Jessica es una adolescente entre las millones en Londres Inglaterra. No es tan común teniendo en cuenta de que es amante de la música y los libros y hoy en día eso no se...
  • carrotawards2018
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sex list ; kth by taeuhh
sex list ; kthby サラ
"and the thought of a sexy girl having sexual wishes that are basically begging to come true is really too hard to pass up"
  • list
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The Wish List (Wattys2017) by ChasingMadness24
The Wish List (Wattys2017)by Kyra Blackthorn
"Her dying wish was for me to complete her list, and I wasn't going to stop until I had it completed." When Alyssa Morrison loses her little sister to ca...
  • cancer
  • projectpenniless
  • thepeopleofsocety
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Carnal Desires by FreakShow1969
Carnal Desiresby FreakShow1969
Boyxboyxgirl Boyxgirlxgirl Boyxboy Girlxgirl Boyxgirl Incest Threesome Bdsm Freaks Murder Teacher/Student Dom/Sub Master/Slave ⬇️ ⬇️ WARN...
  • manxgirl
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Undiscovered bxb Gems by Avylinn
Undiscovered bxb Gemsby Avylinn Winter
Nominate completed LGBT novels with less than 20,000 reads.
  • boyxboy
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  • gay
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Problem List by kpgcatlover
Problem Listby kpgcatlover
"I don't chase many girls, at least, not more than one at a time," he says mysteriously, only heightening my curiosity. "But when I do have a girl to chas...
  • jace
  • comedy
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?follow for follow?  by elleny0k0
?follow for follow? by elleny0k0
Want more followers? Check out the book for a list of people who follow back :)
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