14: Vermont

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The two wake up at noon, Autumn first. She is still trying to figure out how the Broadway stage could make it look like the magic carpet is floating, and extracts her phone from her suitcase quietly, as not to wake Adrian. She opens iTunes and downloads a few songs from the soundtrack. 

She flops back down onto her bed, staring at the ceiling. The music in her ears brings back what they had done on the stage, each dance step and movement remembered like she had known them all her life. 

She closes her eyes for a second, soaking in every note. But they are only closed for an instant. She hears noises and glances to where she sees Adrian brushing his teeth. 

"Morning," she says. He acknowledges her with a nod. 

He wipes his mouth with a towel and turns to her. "We have much to do today," he says mysteriously, moving his eyebrows dramatically. Autumn laughs. 

"First off!" he claps his hands together. "We have a five-hour drive to Vermont. Then! The fun begins..."

And with that, he disappears into the bathroom. 

Oh Adrian, she thinks to herself, you are so... interesting. 

Within a few minutes, the two are on the road, ready to drive to Vermont. Once again, Adrian won't tell Autumn what they're going to do. Adrian insists it makes it more fun. 

They drive for half the day, as Adrian had warned, and by six Adrian pulls up to a restaurant. They eat dinner in fifteen minutes, them being one of three customers, and then they're back in the car. 

"Have room for dessert?" Adrian inquires. 

"Always," she winks. 

He laughs. "Good." He turns a few corners. "Voila!"

In front of them is a huge, blinking sign reading "Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory."

Autumn laughs. "Wow."

They walk inside, hand in hand, and tour the factory. At the end, they buy a gallon of ice cream and eat it in half an hour. Ice cream smeared on their faces, they giggle like little kids (partially because of the sugar, partially because they're having fun).

When they drive to a hotel, stuffed full of ice cream, Adrian turns to Autumn. 

"How do you like your summer so far?"

She grins. "It's unbelievable. I love it,"

Adrian smiles and looks back at the road. "Good. I'm glad you're enjoying it,"

They sit in comfortable silence until they reach the hotel, where they crash almost immediately. 

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