18: The Next Three

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They spend the next day touring Washington D.C., reading over historical facts and admiring the White House. They climb to the top of the Washington Monument and peer down to the little specks that might have been people and little ants that could have been cars bustling around. They stare straight down the window until they're dizzy. 

Adrian lets Autumn drive them to North Carolina, and after spending hours in traffic, they get to the island where they go to another beach, because as Adrian put it, "It's not summer without a beach vacation or two!" They pretend they know how to surf and let themselves get soaked by the salty waves. 

They spend three days in North Carolina, playing in the ocean, and then travel south to a South Carolina beach, where a program called Broadway at the Beach puts on shows and performs. They attend the audience at a director-written production. Autumn loves every minute of it and takes pictures with the cast when it's over. 

They pick what seems to be a year's supply of peaches in Georgia, filling three baskets and eating half of a basketful on the way to Florida. 

When they arrive in the next state, it's the middle of June. Autumn has given up guessing where they were headed long ago, though as they pull up to a hotel in Orlando, Florida, she has a feeling she already knows. 

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