32: On Their Way to Alaska

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"Exciting, isn't it," Adrian comments while driving toward the northern border of the US. "That one of your items is so close to being crossed off,"

"You've already helped me with so much. I couldn't have done any of it on my own," She smiles at him.

Passports aren't a problem anymore; if people want to cross between Canada and the United States, they can freely. The same goes for Mexico. If countries connect by land, a passport isn't necessary. Only travelling overseas needs passports.

It's a good thing, too, because neither of them have passports. They pay a toll at the border and keep moving.

After about two hours, he pulls over off of the highway and parks at a motel in Vancouver.

Autumn looks up. "Why are we stopping?"

"You shall see, Little Leaf,"

She supposed Adrian wanted to tour Canada as well as the US, which was fine with her. She was happy to see the world.

They drop off their things in their room and get back into the car. Adrian drives them to a stadium where thousands - hundreds of thousands - of people are crowded. He finds a parking spot near the back.

He hands her a ticket.

"Is this... what I think it is?!" she squeals. When they get out of the car she throws herself onto him in a hug. She smiles creepily the entire way in to the stadium.

Shouting and squealing when the band runs onto the stage.

Adrian tolerating the noise of the fangirls as he listens to the songs.

The songs pulsing through the crowd.

This was a concert.

They stand, Autumn wishing it wasn't over so soon. She prepares to leave at a break in the crowd when Adrian grabs her arm.

"There's more,"

There always is.

He pulls, from inside his jacket, two pieces of paper.

"Did you think I was going to take you here if it didn't count for something?" he smiles, handing her one of the papers.

She looks down at it and gasps. "You... you... no way..."

"Yes, yes I did," he chuckles. "Backstage passes!"

She hugs him so tightly he's afraid he might pop. She marvels at the page in her hand all the way to the stage door.

"'Hello, darling, what's your name?" one member asks.

"I-I'm Autumn!" she squeaks.

Adrian chuckles and puts his arm around her. "I'm Adrian,"

"You two brother and sister?" asks another.

"No, just friends,"

"JUST friends?" the drummer interjects jokingly.

They ask questions. They get answers. Autumn fangirls.

She eventually calms down enough to talk to them. But Autumn can't stop babbling, the same way Adrian couldn't at the Batcave. He tolerates it the same way she had.

Two more states, but many more adventures.

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