21: Five More Adventures

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Adrian and Autumn tour a planetarium and various science museums in Michigan. They sample thousands of different flavors of cheese in Wisconsin, buying some of the most exotic types. 

Minnesota, being one of the more notable trips, Autumn takes hundreds of pictures of. They go to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, where she sees in person the famous bridge shaped like a spoon with a cherry balanced on the end. Ignoring the sign that goes against the action, Autumn is curious what the statue is made of and touches its smooth surface. It seems to just be metal. 

There is also a carefully-structured horse or mule of some kind made completely out of sticks and logs. Adrian and Autumn both gape at this one. 

They nearly walk past a small brass sculpture of a rabbit jumping over a bell. 

Amazing what people can create with simple things, Autumn thinks. 

When they travel to Iowa, they enjoy state fair food and ride a corny festival Ferris wheel. 

Illinois is also quite the memorable occasion. Though they mostly relax and tour the city of Chicago, Adrian takes her to dinner at a place called The Dinner Detective. 

It turns out, it's like a story, a play and a meal all in one. It's a murder mystery. Performers aren't in costume but are seated randomly like anyone else, so anyone could be the murderer. Autumn is accused by others multiple times of being the murderer, based on clues they are given, and she laughs, denying it. It turns out, the woman sitting across from them was the culprit. Neither of them had guessed it. 

At the end of the night, Autumn realizes that they have gone through over half of the United States. Time really does fly. 

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