22: Missouri, Arkansas, and Three More

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A four-hour car ride later, Autumn and Adrian make it to St Louis, Missouri, where they explore the city and come upon the nationally-famous Gateway Arch. They are allowed to climb up and over it, enjoying the view from the little window at the top and secretly nervous about being in near-pitch black darkness most of the time. 

In a few days, they get to Arkansas to observe Hot Springs National Park. Autumn loves how the geysers randomly splash water out of the condensed pressure of the earth. Adrian is busy trying to find a pattern to it and tries to predict which will erupt next. To Autumn's surprise, he gets most of them right. When she expresses awe towards it, he launches into a long explanation on how he figured it out based on the temperature of the ground and the day and the wind direction and other factors that Autumn fails to find a connection to the geysers to. 

In Mississippi, they bike along a riverside trail. They explore the city of New Orleans in Louisiana. In Texas, they go to an amusement park called the Six Flags Fiesta. 

The adventures continued. 

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