39: Surgery News

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The surgery is scheduled for a week from today. Autumn doesn't get much sleep, but tries to mask her worry when speaking to Adrian. 

Her coughs have lessened; she still can't find the pattern to it. She doesn't complain. 

She nearly forgets it's Wednesday when she suddenly looks up at the clock and sees the time. She gets the feeling she's forgetting something. 

Then she remembers: she needs to get to the doctor's office as soon as possible. 

She drives over, using her mother's car for the second time in her life. She tries to ignore the familiar scent of her mother drifting throughout the car. 

She sighs. 

The surgery is done in eight hours. Autumn doesn't remember time passing at all, as she is unconscious, so it seems to go much quicker. Her skin feels tight and lumpy around her jaw, throat, underarms and diaphragm. She is told not to touch her stitches. 

She is released in the morning, where she is told specific instructions on how to take care of herself. The doctor adds before she leaves:

"Oh, and in case you are wondering," he says, "we believe you now have eight months."

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