66: Spring Break

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The week flies by, every day a pathetic attempt to talk to Adrian (or more like get Adrian to talk to her), and eventually she gives up and just walks next to him. He seems more and more depressed every day. 

On Friday, Autumn is more desperate to talk to him than ever. 

"I took my 365th picture. Only three more things to go!" she grins. 

He ignores her.

"Adrian, what's wrong? Why won't you tell me?" she pleads, done acting.

He heaves a sigh, his shoulders lifting and falling again. Whatever's bothering him must be really serious. 

"Could you, please, just stop asking? Please?" he moans, running his fingers through his hair nervously. 

"I'm worried about you!" she blurts, but regrets it as soon as she does. She winces when he turns around. 

He studies her face and, to Autumn's surprise, actually smiles as if he just heard a bad joke. 


She sighs one puff of air, pursing her lips and letting her eyes wander to the sky. "I... If it's about what happened after prom, I'm sorry, okay?"

He laughs in a mocking way. "You think this is what it's about? Quite the opposite actually," he snorts, then jogs into his house before Autumn can ask any more questions. 

'Quite the opposite?' What in the world is he talking about? She feels the heat rising in her cheeks, as he probably let that go a long time ago, and felt stupid for bringing it back up again. He probably thought she regretted not kissing him now; that she's obviously been thinking about it for weeks. 

She slams the front door when she's inside, covers her eyes and groans. She knows she'll feel better by crying, but the tears won't come out from behind her eyes. So instead she just sits on the stairs with her hands over her eyes. 

Spring break again. 

A completely different start than last year. 

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