62: Shopping

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Will you go to the prom with me, Desiree?


BELLA! Prom??

The signs were held up by seniors at the school, desperate for a girl who didn't already have a date. A week away, the choices were slim pickings. 

Autumn got asked out by one of the men, one she only knew from Power of the Pen, but she had to turn him down. She silently thanked Adrian for asking her before, giving her an excuse to say no to creeps like him. 

Adrian finds her after school, through the mob of single seniors desperately asking all the people around them. 

"Autumn!" he shouts, and she waves her hand at him above the crowd. 

They nudge their way past some people until they are free from the crowd. 

"So. Picked your dress yet?"

She smiles guiltily. "Not yet,"

"Well, we should get on it while they're all on sale!" he chuckles. "Want me to help you pick one out?"

She smiles at him, "That would be great,"

He smiles right back at her, and they do just that right after school. 

Autumn knows the places that have clothes better than Adrian, being a teenage girl and all. They look at hundreds of dresses, going from store to store to store. 

Frilly ones. 

Simple ones. 

Designed ones. 

Solid-colored ones. 

Artsy ones. 

Long ones. 

Short ones. 

Sparkly ones. 

All different colored ones. 

By the time they leave another store empty-handed, they're both exhausted. Nothing has been the one. 

"One more store. Then we give up," says Autumn, and Adrian agrees. 

They find three dresses she's willing to try on. The first one is too long, dragging the floor and making her trip. It's bright red, which clashes horribly with her auburn hair. 

The second one is green, a good color on her, but the layers on in and the sparkles are much too frilly for her liking. If she has to wear a dress, it's not going to be this girly. 

She starts to lose hope, not feeling the need to try on the last one but does anyway. 

She slips it over her head and tosses her hair out from under the neckline. 

She checks out the last dress in the mirror. 

It's... perfect. 

It's a turquoise, shin-length dress with a scoop neck that isn't too high or too low. The spaghetti straps could easily be covered with a white cardigan, which she could envision would compliment her figure immensely. The dress isn't sparkly, but shimmers in the lights overhead. 

She steps out of the dressing room to get Adrian's opinion. She twirls, making it fly out in a perfect circle. She grins at it. 

"I love it!" Adrian says. "I think that's the one."

"I do too," she smiles, and purchases it when she's changed. 

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