Listen Lucky  by artemismischief
Listen Lucky by JJ
Life has been pretty normal for Malia Reid for the past two years. She gets good grades, has nice friends, and most importantly: she stays out of trouble. Enter new boy...
  • friends
  • romance
  • wattys2017
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The Story Of Nisha by Writer0151
The Story Of Nishaby Writer0151
10 in India as of 07/07/18 "I can't marry him!" I sob I can see disapointment in my parents eyes. "How can Aunty and Uncle face everybody now? The only...
  • problems
  • india
  • family
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Con Nadie Más by mrskristal
Con Nadie Másby 🦋 MRS KRISTAL 🦋
Als Karlie erfährt, dass ihr Ehemann Diego eine Affäre mit seiner Sekretärin hat setzt sie ihn vor die Tür und beendet die Beziehung. Kurze Zeit später stellt sie fest...
  • romanze
  • kids
  • usa
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RAGING HEAT (Italian Billionaire) by Saffire97
RAGING HEAT (Italian Billionaire)by _saffire.97_
Nicole Wilson was only 19 years old working in a diner trying to help her mom with financial expenses when she met Mr.Ravellino the world known ruthless Italian Billiona...
  • ruthless
  • rich
  • billionaire
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✓ | BAD INFLUENCE by caroherma
✓ | BAD INFLUENCEby Caroherma
EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK: "Can I ask you a really like... cross-border question?" He said. I nodded and then realized he couldn't see me. "Yeah," "...
  • martinus
  • usa
  • america
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Somewhere Only We Know by beautlies
Somewhere Only We Knowby Sev
When George Shaw tries to find a plan for the last fifteen days to spend with his best friend, who he's had a crush on as long as he can remember, all he needs is a map...
  • featured
  • usa
  • college
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The Football Dream (girlxgirl) by Rcr531
The Football Dream (girlxgirl)by Rcr531
Rose is a college student hoping for a scholarship to play woman's football in America so she can reunite with her father. However, Rose falls for a girl very quickly bu...
  • teen
  • football
  • familyproblems
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We Were Soldier (US WW2 soldier x RWBY) by VKR123
We Were Soldier (US WW2 soldier VKR123
What happend when a American,a German Soldier, a Russian Soldier and a Japanese Soldier teleport to the world of remnant will the four work together in school and surviv...
  • rwby
  • soviet
  • ww2
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Kiedy kraje zaczynają gadać | COUNTRYHUMANS by wk33vq_
Kiedy kraje zaczynają gadać | Mint
Talksy z countryhumans :v
  • niemcy
  • rosja
  • kraje
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Distinct Longitudes | Country Humans | A RusAme Fanfiction by ACupOfFliss
Distinct Longitudes | Country нαρρу єαяℓу ¢ηу!!
Hhhhh I don't watch Hetalia so yeah- Might edit this later because I can't think of a description- Basically RusAme-
  • russiaxamerica
  • russia
  • america
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dolan twins imagines by ughgrayson
dolan twins imaginesby ♚𝓬𝓮𝓬𝓮
here, you're the main character of every story ©ughgrayson
  • ethan
  • usa
  • youtube
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to fall is to fail by tangiblebliss
to fall is to failby lara
He was on top of his world, he was destined for greatness, he was starting his legacy. Nathan Chen was everyone's top pick for Olympic gold. He was his top pick for gold...
  • figureskating
  • wattys2018
  • nathanchen
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Yudhi [# A Love Story] by satwri
Yudhi [# A Love Story]by Satwri
Highest Rank : 30 "Nooo! You are not taking care of me. I am done with you. You won. You don't love me. Our bet is over. I am leaving tomorrow and will never bother...
  • mahesh
  • love
  • pyar
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LOOK ALIVE; USA by matsvhummels
[SECOND BOOK OF RECONCILE] the boys have handed over their groupchat to the young WJC team who just wants to have fun and invite girls. [2018 USA IIHF WORLD JUNIORS TEAM]
  • usahockey
  • usa
  • sequel
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Creating a Family | A Shawbrina Fanfic by gmsabrinacarpenter
Creating a Family | A Shawbrina gmsabrinacarpenter
This story shows the development between Shawn and Sabrina's relationship in the course of time, from stars that tour together and collaborate to become man and wife wit...
  • usa
  • sabrinacarpenter
  • media
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Alone// Mathew Barzal by JG1988
Alone// Mathew Barzalby JG1988
New York Islanders
  • nhlwags
  • usa
  • newyorkislanders
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Dear Itchy -IDR- by Clayliney
Dear Itchy -IDR-by CarolineClay
(namakamu) Clairine Siregar , adik dari seorang artis muda terkenal Alvaro Maldini Siregar. Siapa sangka jika, pemuda itu memiliki adik yang sangat cantik. Ia tidak per...
  • iqbaaldr
  • usa
  • wattys2018
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rivalry love {carter hart} by holypucks
rivalry love {carter hart}by hockey
《usa hockey and hockey canada rivarly comes to an interesting event when carter hart meets kayla.》 lowercase intended world juniors 2018 carter hart no copyright intend...
  • senators
  • ottawasenators
  • ottawa
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ocean eyes - zach herron/daniel seavey {why don't we} by newhopelia
ocean eyes - zach herron/daniel lia van rich
Onde a indecisão de Elis, faz com que parta o coração de todos ao seu redor. Ela ama Zach, mas não consegue resistir aos olhos cor de oceano de Daniel. É possível amar d...
  • fanfiction
  • danielseavey
  • usa
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