45: The Future of Audrey Prickland

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Audrey Prickland lives to make a few author visits at elementary schools, but refuses to go across the country. Stanley Banks tags along sometimes, but towards the end of Audrey's career, he lets her go alone. She is okay with it. 

Audrey only lives for about another month, then disappears from the world. Autumn is growing tired of the overflowing inbox and the interviewers at the door. She has an idea for a sequel to her story, but is afraid of all the attention. 

One of her interviews ends up on the news, where people in her class are able to watch it. 

"Autumn! Or should I say, Audrey? Why are you so interested in all this attention?"

"Look at her, the great Audrey Prickland, acting like she owns the place."

"So you just sent in your book to a publisher and thought, 'What the heck?'"

"Are you and Adrian dating?"

The comments grow tiresome, and eventually she just tells people she isn't going to write another book without some quiet. This gets rid of about half of the press.

Audrey dies off by March. It's okay. She's much happier not existing. 

 Autumn does her research, and decides that all this face time on TV isn't something she wants. 

So how is she ever going to achieve number 11, be in a movie, in this paradox?

She prints out a few flyers advertising casting calls for animated movies, needing people to send in recordings of themselves reciting a few lines and showing their ability to voice act. 

"You know," Adrian says, "being in a movie sounds kind of fun. Are there guy parts in these things?"

Autumn hands him the papers, all the information she has. 

"It's a seriously long shot, it being Disney and all," Autumn shrugs. 

"Long shot, shmong shot," he dismisses it. "How do we audition?"

Autumn chuckles. "We just recite these lines and send them to this email," she points at the email written on the page. "That's it."

"Sounds easy enough,"

"Not if you see the website."

"Why? What's on the website?"

"The official count of how many auditions were submitted so far."


"There's over 3000 so far, and this is the second day."


"Yeah. Three-K a day."

Adrian looks back at the paper. 

"Nope. It'll be 3,002 today,"

They practice the lines with each other, then record themselves saying them. Autumn uses her phone to record them, making sure the room is as silent as possible first. 

They email their final recordings with their name, email, phone number, and whatever else they are asked to send in in less than an hour, joining the thousands of other teens who've submitted. 

Then they wait. 

The call-ins for a live audition, they say, would be told in a week. 

They wait. 

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