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Reading The Lightning Thief - Parallel Universe by TheFunnyAnnoyingDude
Reading The Lightning Thief - TheFunnyAnnoyingDude
The title says it all. The first few chapters might be boring, but I promise it gets interesting towards the middle.
His Son ~mattia polibio~ by 1-800-levmetfalone
His Son ~mattia polibio~by betch get a life
[C O M P L E T E] *You're 16, mattia is your ex *Name:Elena *1 friend Jordyn *Live in NJ *Owns a mansion from your dad *Dad owns a art gallery (not important) *You have...
The Seventh Child of Kronos by ArisDirewolf
The Seventh Child of Kronosby Aristotle DireWolf
The mysterious wolf has reduced Olympus to shambles. What will happen when they discover that he might be a long hidden relation and that Aphrodite isn't really Aphrodit...
Spencer Reid Imagines ✔️ by jules04writes
Spencer Reid Imagines ✔️by jules04writes
a collection of imagines for your enjoyment lots of fluffff my requests are open so if you want a specific story message me and tell me what you want i will most likely...
Moon Glow | Taekook by bts_bangtang7
Moon Glow | Taekookby Bangtan
Kim Taehyung, True blood alpha of Silver moon pack, Many enemies and people fears him...he never showed any emotions to anyone ever. Jeon Jungkook, rare white Werewolf o...
Tearful. [ Todoroki X Reader ] by haaruuuuuu
Tearful. [ Todoroki X Reader ]by Tea
" Are you okay? " asks a cold voice from behind. y/n looks behind, revealing Shoto Todoroki, smiling. y/n l/n was a girl who lived in isolation. She never real...
One word of Love | Taekook / Vkook by bts_bangtang7
One word of Love | Taekook / Vkookby Bangtan
( Completed ✓) Taehyung and Jungkook are forced to get married , not really forced . But Taehyung fall in love with a boy...unknown boy , who he randomly saw on the stre...
uncontrollable✔ by SoftForDream
uncontrollable✔by lana♡
his powers were a pain in the ass to live with, the reason why he got caged into his house as he hit the age of six. and those powers were the same reason as to why thin...
but,there is one catch by cora12347
but,there is one catchby cora
"but," he said "there is one catch, if you cum you'll have to wear a vibrator to school tomorrow" THIS STORY IS VERY UNHOLY SO DONT READ IF YOU'RE TO...
The Way To Your Heart | Vkook/ Taekook by bts_bangtang7
The Way To Your Heart | Vkook/ Bangtan
( Completed ✔) Kim Taehyung arrogant and cold hearted CEO of Kim Corporation , Something happened in his past which made him hate the word Love. Jungkook the innocent b...
The Multiverse Of Oscar Pine and Qrow Branwen by GodzillaFan15
The Multiverse Of Oscar Pine and GodzillaFan455515
Title says it all. I noticed that there is only multiverse fanfics about Jaune Arc from RWBY and decided to change that with Oscar Pine and Qrow Branwen. Won't do John W...
The Hidden Servant by CrazedTemptations
The Hidden Servantby crazedtemptations
⚠️!Omega Verse!⚠️ Once young and a small prince, kicked out to the roads for a mistake he didn't make. Years passed and he became a useless servant, an unused, pushed ar...
epiphanies - sirius black by isabelleeannn
epiphanies - sirius blackby isabelle :)
Maggie is a quiet girl. Alone. She has no one. Until she meets them. This is a fan fiction based off the characters from the Harry Potter book series. All original char...
Spiderman Reaction  by ahmadnazem
Spiderman Reaction by ahmadnazem
After showing the marvel beings peter's life, they still mock him, having enough, the author thinks it is time for punishment.
What's wrong With CEO Kim?| Taekook  by bts_bangtang7
What's wrong With CEO Kim?| Bangtan
Jungkook, leaving Busan with his son Beomgyu, who is suffering from Asperger's syndrome... they newly shifted to Seoul with the help of his friends Jin, He went for Inte...
Hickeys but no Kisses- Sabanna by nikkj1234
Hickeys but no Kisses- Sabannaby nikkj1234
Sabrina Quesada and Anna Shumate are college roommates. What will happen as the year progresses and their bond grows stronger.
One Direction Sickfics + Hurt Imagines  by gldenflickr
One Direction Sickfics + Hurt gldenflickr
Imagines where one of the boys are sick/hurt and needs the others to help him. [requests open]
Notorious Neko by CrazedTemptations
Notorious Nekoby crazedtemptations
Little Izuku, a Neko with the size of 5'2", a boy with just bone. Thin and small. Katsuki, an aggressive teenager with the size of 5'8", a boy with muscle. Ta...
She Can Fight (completed) by byth3sea
She Can Fight (completed)by elizabeth
Alexis Marie Carson, she isn't like every ordinary 'good girl' who is completely helpless. She's exactly the opposite. Lexi has never really known her family, since, we...
The First Daughter by amayamidoriya
The First Daughterby Maya
After being cheated on by her boyfriend, Maya was swept off of her feet by a hottie with a temper and is forced to marry him?? THIS STORY IS STILL IN PROGRESS!! CHANGES...