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Gods and Demigods read Altered Destinies by BlueMoonStories_
Gods and Demigods read Altered BlueMoon
This is a fanfiction imported from my FanFiction account due to terms of use and stuff. In case you don't know, this is a reading of Anaklusmos's story, Altered Destinie...
  • anaklusmos14
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  • percyjackson
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Sincerely Scarlett (Letters Of Change Series Book 2)(Completed) by Kassilassie
Sincerely Scarlett (Letters Of K.C. Goodwin
**COMPLETED** (FIRST DRAFT) He smiled slightly remembering her love for literature. Curiosity got the better of him as he followed Scarlett out the back door. He kept a...
  • angry
  • baby
  • dollhouse
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Fanfic Guidebook by Fanfic
Fanfic Guidebookby Fanfiction
This is to help you navigate the Fanfic profile and to get an overview of everything going on and how it works. We will cover loads of guidelines, how's, what's, where's...
  • information
  • guidelines
  • reading
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About The Fae Folk by TheFaeFolk
About The Fae Folkby The Fae Folk
Wondering what you've stumbled upon? Love high fantasy? The Fae Folk is the place for you! Come take a look inside to find out about the Fae Folk! We can't wait to me...
  • writers
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Behind The Scenes - A Guide To Write Fiction by therahmaawards
Behind The Scenes - A Guide To The Rahma Awards
A detailed guide to write educational, acceptable and enjoyable Fiction. Muslim writers, listen up! Though aimed for all, it has special emphasis on how to write Muslim...
  • islamicfiction
  • reading
  • writers
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Best Books of Wattpad  by New2day
Best Books of Wattpad by New2day
Want to find some of the best romance books on Wattpad? Well, you're at the right place! Updates of 1 to 2 new recommend books every week!
  • favorites
  • romance
  • recommendations
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Salty Reviews by dark_affinity
Salty Reviewsby Raya Jennings
Honest opinions from an avid reader. Heya! Welcome to the book where an amateur writer and avid reader gives you an honest opinion on your novel. If you're looking for s...
  • characters
  • salty
  • help
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books that kept me up all night by junefallow
books that kept me up all nightby June
A collection of books that I really enjoyed reading and me recommending them to you. If you've read a book that isn't part of this collection leave the title and the aut...
  • newadultreads
  • guide
  • america
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Bound Together (editing) by zjmfatty
Bound Together (editing)by bella
Alexandria Simmons has never been noticed at her high school, Hartwell High. With only having two best friends, she's actually pretty ok with not having anyone bother he...
  • highschool
  • teenagers
  • secrets
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Kiss of Shadows [Claiming Series, #4] by autormelle
Kiss of Shadows [Claiming melle
A vampire mage and a modern cop team up to battle evil magic... When police sergeant Caro Harrington witnesses a man being killed by an invisible assailant, she suspect...
  • blood
  • mage
  • romance
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She Can Fight (completed) by byth3sea
She Can Fight (completed)by elizabeth
Alexis Marie Carson, she isn't like every ordinary 'good girl' who is completely helpless. She's exactly the opposite. Lexi has never really known her family, since, we...
  • loss
  • reading
  • plus
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BEWARE The Cowboy [BWWM] by Stars-vs-Chocolates
BEWARE The Cowboy [BWWM]by Angel
Reilly Jones works at Ruby's Inn. A prominent diner in Red Oak. She's young, naive and last but certainly not least, one of the only black waitresses working there. She...
  • fun
  • interracial
  • mysterious-guy
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Outside the Room (Seventeen Meanie) by anri212
Outside the Room (Seventeen Meanie)by ♔Anri ♔
Wonwoo is an introvert and doesn't want to be bothered by anyone. He just wants to sit down and read his book and get lost in it. But life doesn't work like that. His m...
  • reading
  • mingyuxwonwoo
  • love
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Mafia's Daughter by ashm12351
Mafia's Daughterby New Age Vamp
Taylor was cast out onto the streets as a kid, she's been begging and couch surfing ever since. what else is there for a thirteen-year-old to do in the life she was give...
  • wattys2017
  • cant
  • father
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alpha blaze by dcrekhale
alpha blazeby anees
He knew sorrow. He knew pain. He knew sacrifice. But he never knew anyone like her. She knew hardships. She knew strength. She knew determination. Yet she never knew any...
  • dominant
  • hot
  • mate
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Touched by emilyvibes
Touchedby emilyvibes
I urged for his touch. I want it, I need it. He has me at complete mercy. And I'm all his.
  • happy
  • enjoy
  • touch
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The Girls' Sleepover (Sequel to "The Girls' Locker Room") by PEBbleGirl
The Girls' Sleepover (Sequel to " 💋 P r e s l e y 💋
Me and my crush hug each other everyday... but she doesn't suspect a thing. . . . This story is about a girl, named Eve, who is bisexual, and she has a crush on a girl...
  • enjoy
  • happy
  • sequel
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Pasts and Secrets by SilvermistAnimeLover
Pasts and Secretsby K.R. Starktower
When the World Meeting is interrupted by a book, the nations are forced to read each other's diary entries out loud. To the whole world. What secrets will be revealed? W...
  • diaryentries
  • feliciano
  • italyveneziano
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Let's Learn Korean (English Tagalog Explanation) by katbrielle
Let's Learn Korean (English Katrisha
Easy to Learn Korean Writing ,Reading ,And Pronunciations of korean. English- Tagalog Explanation
  • reading
  • words
  • pronunciation
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Carl Gallagher Imagines by Jojo_Elair
Carl Gallagher Imaginesby Anjouli White
Oh no...
  • book
  • reading
  • wow