The Bucket List by NeveAdams
The Bucket Listby Neve Adams
A cynical and anti-social Ellie blocked herself away from people and studied non-stop ever since her mother passed away. But she wanted to change. She creates a Bucket L...
  • highschool
  • popular
  • badboy
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ALMOST HOME ‣ jjk  by sodakiss
ALMOST HOME ‣ jjk by ➳ hoon ❞
She met him at an ungodly hour when her life was falling apart. With a backpack full of snacks, a bucketlist, the clothes on their backs, a stolen car, and a hundred se...
  • jungkook
  • bangtan
  • bts
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Shattered by Jells_
Shatteredby ~ lydia ~
||Cover by @CannibalisticNecro|| In which Ava meets a random dude at a beach who is not an axe murderer. Sorry I suck at descriptions. Rankings: #115 in sad 16/9/18 #23...
  • family
  • bucketlist
  • shattered
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The Bucket List (Rewritten) by NeveAdams
The Bucket List (Rewritten)by Neve Adams
The social pariah, Ellie, blocks herself away from people and studied non-stop ever since her mother passed away. But she wants a change. So, Ellie creates a Bucket List...
  • teenfiction
  • neighbors
  • romance
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The Drunk List [Gratsu] by hanlovespasta
The Drunk List [Gratsu]by han!! ☆
In which an intoxicated boy makes a list of twenty things he never thought he had wanted to do and an adventurous boy offers to help him complete each one. [Highschool...
  • gratsu
  • love
  • humor
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Relentless (A MayWard FanFic Story) by impingchrille
Relentless (A MayWard FanFic Story)by impingchrille
"Marydale Morgan Entrata", I like her record. she seems like a good caretaker, I mean a good nurse. I think she can handle me", Edward retorted to himself...
  • kilig
  • mayward
  • daring
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Till Death || Kim Taehyung by -trashcan-
Till Death || Kim Taehyungby D(ADDIE).
"Will you be my boyfriend till I die? Wait, don't go away! I just won one million dollars!" Park Soo Bin learns that she has reached the maximum level of cance...
  • angst
  • yoongi
  • cancer
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The Badboy's Star by andreiasofia95
The Badboy's Starby baby honey
Skylar Anderson is a shy but sarcastic nerd. She is a straight A student and has two best friends: Olivia and Brooklyn. She never had a boyfriend and has never been in l...
  • onedirection
  • neighbor
  • romance
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Life's A Beach by aribeckley
Life's A Beachby a r i
Sixteen year old Marley moves to Florida to live with her young Aunt Nelly. Her aunt has a beautiful to-die-for home on the beach and manages the local boardwalk. Marley...
  • boardwalk
  • teens
  • boyfriend
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Dear Dead One  by FalakAlameddine
Dear Dead One by Falak Alameddine
For a few questions that are simple , yet unanswered. For someone that for once , meant a lot. "Why did I feel like there was a scream inside , wanting to be free...
  • goals
  • death
  • lgbt
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Bad Boys by swazzleberry
Bad Boysby swazzleberry
Kyle was just Kyle. No last name, no family, no past. It was simple that way. It was easy. He had once gone by another name, but that boy died when the only thing worth...
  • trust
  • youngadult
  • goodtobad
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Everywhere I Go with Summer by Florax03
Everywhere I Go with Summerby Flora
"Hi! I'm Summer Erin Lee, and I was the barista that served you your coffee. May I join you?" It's the beginning of the second summer for Zack Larns at Eastwa...
  • friendship
  • love
  • fiction
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Signing Off by SassyMarvelousGirl
Signing Offby Asteria
Life is short. Break the RULES.FORGIVE quickly, KISS slowly, LOVE truly, LAUGH uncontrollably, and never REGRET anything that made you SMILE. ...
  • cancer
  • heartbreak
  • julia
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Act Your Age by magioneza
Act Your Ageby magioneza
"Why do you want to figure me out so badly? It's a horrible decission, really." "You're complicated. Like the Da Vinci code but...you know...harder to cra...
  • suicidalthoughts
  • originalcharacter
  • humor
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Stefan and Juliet by SavannahPeters35
Stefan and Julietby SavannahPeters35
21 year old Juliet Blackwell, tormented by a tragedy, is in Belgium with her best friend when she meets Stefan Müller, a german unattached violinist that seems to lay a...
  • sexy
  • brussels
  • holland
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Cracking the Good Girl by Disney001
Cracking the Good Girlby Pour moi de savoir
"You're weird." "And you're not?" * This is the story of the girl who changed into her true self and the boy who helped her do it.
  • goodgirl
  • new
  • pg-13
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Her Bucket List~Raura au by fash549
Her Bucket List~Raura auby Mary-lee Jane
Laura Marano was never one to look for trouble.But after being told bad news about her Creative Writing class and being hit in the face by a ball,what more could she hav...
  • highschool
  • lostsister
  • secret
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Before I Die | under revision by glassdiamonds-
Before I Die | under revisionby skye
❝i promised myself i wouldn't let you complete me.❞ Kira Wilson was not expecting to be dying in 3 months, so when the opportunity presents itself to fulfill everything...
  • humor
  • friendship
  • money
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One Month, One Lifetime by thespacedork
One Month, One Lifetimeby M
When Indi shows up at the reading of Great Aunt Minnie's will, she's expecting nothing. Minnie Abernathy was a notoriously disagreeable old woman who vowed to never leav...
  • newadult
  • fortune
  • comedy
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The Strange Kind Of Perfect by Mykaylynn
The Strange Kind Of Perfectby Mykaylynn Huddleston
{ EDITING } Kristen Mays never thought her life could change as fast as the speed of coffee going down her bra. Unfortunately for her, it did. She thought everything was...
  • pfcc2k16
  • popularguy
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