The Bucket List by NeveAdams
The Bucket Listby Neve Adams
A cynical and anti-social Ellie blocked herself away from people and studied non-stop ever since her mother passed away. But she wanted to change. She creates a Bucket L...
  • senioryear
  • high-school
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Forget Me Not | ✓ by morningtides
Forget Me Not | ✓by nicole bea - on hiatus
When Paisley Watts is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she soon realizes that she's going to be likely forced to miss out on the biggest experiences of her life - going t...
  • comingofage
  • smalltowns
  • youngadultreads
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iridescent ↠ grayson dolan ✓ by boisterously-
iridescent ↠ grayson dolan ✓by ˗ˏˋ ley ˎˊ˗
in which a girl who can't go outside and a boy paralyzed with anxiety learn to love themselves and each other through a series of midnight escapades, illicit felonies, a...
  • ethangrant
  • gd
  • graysonbailey
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The Six Months Bucket List  by Cylexz
The Six Months Bucket List by Cy
Charlie, a fourteen year old, has social anxiety. She has no friends, only her sister Skyler and her mom and dad to rely on. What happens when she accepts a deal with he...
  • friends
  • happy
  • fun
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Unwritten by PrinxeJ
Unwrittenby PrinxeJ
Each year on his birthday, Richard is visited by himself from one year in the future. This year, on his 30th birthday, no one shows up. As an editor, Richard Daniels i...
  • acceptance
  • mlm
  • bisexual
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Bad Boys by swazzleberry
Bad Boysby swazzleberry
Kyle was just Kyle. No last name, no family, no past. It was simple that way. It was easy. He had once gone by another name, but that boy died when the only thing worth...
  • romance
  • badgirl
  • youngadult
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Just My Luck [NALU] by XxCallMeFaithxX
Just My Luck [NALU]by ☆ F A I T H ☆
I scoffed, turning to face him, my arms crossed. "I don't need you to help me with it." I insisted. He chuckled, raising an eyebrow at me. "From what I s...
  • bucket-list
  • college
  • kiss
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My Bucket List ♡ by ItsMickey_Bitch
My Bucket List ♡by ησт уσυя ¢υρ σƒ тєα
My bucketlist.
  • bucketlist
  • bucket
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The Badboy's Star by andreiasofia95
The Badboy's Starby baby honey
Skylar Anderson is a shy but sarcastic nerd. She is a straight A student and has two best friends: Olivia and Brooklyn. She never had a boyfriend and has never been in l...
  • badboy
  • bucketlist
  • ashtonirwin
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The Drunk List [Gratsu] by hanlovespasta
The Drunk List [Gratsu]by han!! ☆
In which an intoxicated boy makes a list of twenty things he never thought he had wanted to do and an adventurous boy offers to help him complete each one. [Highschool...
  • drunk
  • gajevy
  • flacy
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Samuel's Bucket List by Yenaughtynice
Samuel's Bucket Listby Brienne Landagora
"A month or two or a month or few, Still im going to die. But before i took my last sigh, Let me hold your hand for a while. I will complete this list, As if i will...
  • lovestory
  • leukemia
  • bucketlist
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The Bucket List by settle-
The Bucket Listby nova.
[a story] in which an ailing girl checks off everything on her bucket list with a little help from her weirdly attractive neighbor. [spiritual #8 // short story #41] WAR...
  • stupidstuff
  • sixteen
  • bucketlists
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BUCKET LIST // On-Going by httpsSoph
BUCKET LIST // On-Goingby ghxst
Kristen Parker isn't your typical highschool girl. Unlike those girls who go to her school, she exerts effort into living her life to the fullest. Boys, parties, movies...
  • school
  • romance
  • teenfiction
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By Your Side by the_messy_sweetheart
By Your Sideby the_messy_sweetheart
Crystal Holton, a teenage girl with avidity for basketball and music. She's fun loving, sarcastic and has an ability to speak her mind. But all this comes to an end when...
  • highschool
  • love
  • romance
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50 Things to do Before Graduation by sleepyhead456
50 Things to do Before Graduationby Lily
"Well, we should find something to do before that fateful day we finally get to leave this torture chamber we call an education system" he smirked down at me w...
  • friendship
  • graduation
  • highschoolexperience
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The Bucket List by iconicvangogh
The Bucket Listby iconicvangogh
When high school ends, so do friendships and relationships. This group of friends was no exception. Mateo studied abroad. Ian went to Stanford. Aaliyah spoke on the radi...
  • ıu
  • teenfiction
  • kpop
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My bucket list by Jasdyer
My bucket listby Jasmine Dyer
This is part of my life series. This one I decided to name this My Bucket List instead of Jasmine's choice part 8. This is going to be all the places I either want to go...
  • england
  • france
  • bucketlist
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I'd Let My Shadow Stay by NickyHemmingsxx
I'd Let My Shadow Stayby Nicky
The new girl in town that Luke is falling for fast, is diagnosed with a terminal illness, and only has six months to live. Later he learns that she's made a bucket list...
  • bucketlist
  • dying
  • calumhood
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Bucketlist before death by mollyy512
Bucketlist before deathby Mo🌞
50 boxes to check. That's all Ambrosia had to do for the next 14 months. That and somehow survive her terminal heart cancer long enough to complete every life-threaten...
  • hospital
  • anorexia
  • teenfiction
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The Bucket List Journey by AnjaliSkumar
The Bucket List Journeyby Nightmare_Daydream
Girls moving on to their Bucket list completion Going through the life of four girls frm bangalore Naira, Zara, Rakshitha (rakshu) & Yuvika (Yuvi). They live out in...
  • travel
  • bucketlist
  • indian
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