30: California

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What Adrian describes as the peak of the trip turns out to be a legitimate peak. They fly down the road, cautious of any cops nearing. Autumn laughs in shock as they swerve much too quickly around corners. 

They pull up at a shabby-looking hotel. Autumn is surprised, considering the fact that they were in California. 

Adrian explains before she even asks. "I know, I know, it's kind of a dump. But it's also kind of all I could afford after renting rooms in all these other hotels, paying for gas..." He trails off. 

Autumn shrugs. "It doesn't matter, really. I'm sure whatever we do in a place like Los Angeles will make up for it." She winks and heads inside without a room key. 

She awkwardly retrieves it from Adrian and turns to make her dramatic exit again. 

Adrian drives to a dirt path and parks. 

Autumn gives him a look. 

"What? You are so impatient!" he exclaims, raising his eyebrows at her. 

She rolls her eyes and follows him up the dusty path. 

"It's up here... just a little farther... keep going straight," he mumbles, as if there was anywhere to turn on the desolate road. 

The land begins to flatten out, and the horizon grows. Green, tree-covered mountains begin to poke their way into focus and eventually they reach the top. 

"Voila," Adrian swoops his arm around to gesture to the view. 

The Hollywood sign is stuck into the side of the trees at odd angles, their bright white glare making each letter stand out. 

"Wow," she breathes, holding up her camera to meet her eye level. 

"But that's not all," Adrian adds mysteriously, veering to the right. She takes another moment to soak in the view and then follows him. 

"Behold!" he cries when they make it to some sort of archway. "The one! The only! BATCAVE!! Dun dunna NAAA!!" He uses jazz hands to gesture to the arch. 

She laughs once, then comes closer. 

"This is the exact place where Adam West once drove the Batmobile!! Isn't that cool?!"

Boys will always be boys, she thinks, even Adrian. 

She nods her approval. They head back down the road, Adrian reminiscing a few different episodes of Batman. Nodding, she pretends she's listening as he rambles about it. 

Instead, she keeps her eyes on the path below her feet and daydreams about what other adventures lie ahead in the short journey left in the summer. 

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