5: Back To School

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Adrian is the one to catch up with Autumn this time when they step out of their houses. 

"Little Leaf!"

Autumn hadn't been feeling very happy, for obvious reasons, but for some reason, this greeting tugged a smile onto her face. 

"How was your spring break?"

"Interesting," she says simply. 

"Oh, c'mon, give me more details than that!" Adrian pleads. 

I won't tell him. Not yet, she tells herself. 

"I-I stayed home for the most part. Didn't go anywhere." she starts, trying to think of why that would be exciting. She doesn't want to lie to her best friend, but isn't ready to tell him the truth. "And... I finished my 414th book!" she smiles up at him. 

He laughs. "You do love your books, don't you?"

She smiles bashfully and nods vigorously. "I just started The Hunger Games," she tells him as they approach the school.

"You haven't read that yet?? A big reader like you??" He nudges her playfully. She laughs.

"I haven't had the time!" she defends her book, "Harry Potter was too good to put down just to read some other book as soon as it comes out!" 

They argue through smiles until they split to go to their separate wings (Adrian is a junior; Autumn a sophomore), where Autumn has nearly forgotten what really happened. 

But she hasn't. 

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