65: Awkward Adrian

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She doesn't remember falling asleep, but wakes up to see she's still wearing her prom dress.

She closes her eyes and smiles, remembering how beautiful she looked in it last night.

But as she lies there, looking at the backs of her eyelids, the night's events come rushing back to her and her face falls.

Just forget it, she tells herself. It won't ruin your friendship. If you both forget it happened, everything will be normal again.

She's satisfied by this thought, and with that, yawns, stretches, and stands. Pretending he'll forget all about it by Monday, she goes about her day.

Her day consists of going to church, challenging herself to read five books in ten hours, and falling asleep again.

She forgets about prom in the morning.

Adrian doesn't see her come out of her house on Monday, and so she takes a silent breath and pokes him on the shoulder.



He doesn't look at her.

"Sooo..." she says, trying a little too hard to be cheerful.

He doesn't say anything, and that scares her more than if he had been angry. She almost prefers him to yell at her or something.

"What's wrong?" she says.


She realizes he's not going to talk to her at all.

Throughout the school day, Autumn feeds herself lies that everything will be okay, that he'll apologize, that he was just tired or having a bad morning.

She puts this to the test when she sees him in the crowd ahead of her. She pretends she doesn't see him and pushes through so she's in front of him, and walks home.

She doesn't turn around to see if he's even behind her.

And she walks there.


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