1: Little Leaf

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The bell buzzes, and Autumn slings her backpack over her shoulder. She catches up with Adrian as he steps out the door. She pokes him. 

"Hey, Little Leaf!" he greets her, using the nickname he invented when they were kids. Autumn liked the way her name was a season, and thought her nickname was cheesy but cute. 

She gives him a small smile. The wind picks up and whips her hair behind her head. 

"I can't believe the teachers gave us so much homework. Spring break was made to be a break! Hence the name,"

Autumn laughs lightly at this. "I know,"

They turn right on the street where they live.

Autumn loves Adrian like a brother. He sometimes flirts with her jokingly, but she knows he's just kidding. People like to tease that they should date, but to both of them, it's a far-fetched idea that would never happen. It isn't that type of relationship. 

"You know," he says, "if there's one thing I want to do before I die, it's start a homework rebellion!"

Autumn nods, a small smile forming on her face, agreeing somewhat sarcastically it sounds like a worthwhile way to spend his time. 

They walk down the road, Adrian doing most of the talking (as usual) and Autumn absorbing every word. Adrian waves to Autumn as he unlocks his door, and Autumn waves back. She walks past a few more houses and enters her own. 

She flops on the couch, procrastinating the certain doom of homework. 

Her mother is reading in the chair across from her. They silently greet each other in the way only mothers and their daughters can. 

Autumn pulls her laptop from her desk and brings it onto the couch with her. She logs on and records that she finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. That makes 414 different books she's read since the sixth grade.

She pulls a book of her own out of her backpack: The Hunger Games. She joins her mother in reading for a few minutes. Without looking up from her book, her mother tells her to do her homework first. 

Autumn groans playfully and reluctantly agrees. She knocks out half of it in an hour. 

Her mother closes the book she's holding and hugs Autumn from behind. "Thank you," her mother says. "I don't like arguing with you about it,"

Autumn purses her lips in a half-smile. She nods, agreeing that she doesn't like to argue either. 

She feels her mother's bony fingers run through her dark auburn hair. It feels good. 

Hours later, Autumn lies in her bed, thinking about Adrian. He seems like such a carefree person, and the one think he wants to do with his life is a homework rebellion. Is that it? Or is he really shy about what deep thoughts lay in his mind?

She falls asleep, and doesn't dream. 

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